Milan, July 6, 2022

Italy Loves Car-Sharing: Here It Is How the 905,000 Share Now Italian Members Use the Service

  • Since the beginning of the year, SHARE NOW has gained over 65,000 new customers and now counts more than 900,000 users in Italy
  • Strong trend towards longer rentals of up to 30 days which grew by 85% all over Italy respect 2021
  • The Milanese use the service the most in the evening, the Romans during the weekend and the Turinese in the midday or for long-term journeys.

Milan, July 6, 2022 – SHARE NOW Italians love car-sharing: over 65,000 new customers joined SHARE NOW during the last six months. The company now counts more than 900,000 users in Italy. With this wide range of customers comes a variety of different mobility needs. In every Italian city SHARE NOW car-sharing is used differently, but there is one trend that unites all: long-term car-sharing. The demand of this dedicated offer of longer rentals up to 30 days increased in June 2022 by 85% compared to last year. As a consequence also the average duration per rental rose during the same time by 87%.

“The constantly growing numbers, for 10 years now, show how SHARE NOW car-sharing has become part of the everyday life of Italians. In recent years, the approach to mobility has changed, along with the needs of citizens, and we revolutionized our product to perfectly meet the demands of the market. At the same time, as market leader we are always keen to innovate and have thus managed to create new trends such as long-term car-sharing," explains Olivier Reppert, CEO of SHARE NOW. "I am therefore proud to be able to affirm that SHARE NOW's commitment to renew itself, proposing a diversified and tailor-made offer for cities, has been rewarded with the achievement of 905,000 users in Italy."

Strong Demand for Long-Term Car-Sharing

Longer rentals are particularly appreciated by users in Turin, where in June 2022 the number of long-term car-sharing rentals more than doubled (+ 145%) compared to June 2021. This is also thanks to the recently renewed fleet. Here, the Peugeot 208 is especially in demand for longer rentals. Also Rome and Milan registered a strong growth in long-term car-sharing: rentals of up to 30 days increased by 84% and 82% respectively. In addition, SHARE NOW customers in Italy love planning their long-term rental. Therefore the usage of the dedicated pre-booking option, which enables booking a car up to 100 days in advance at no additional cost, grew by 60% all over Italy.

Different City, Different Mobility Needs

In every city, SHARE NOW car-sharing is used differently, based on the specific mobility needs of the urban context. Milan, the location with the most users (428,000) in Italy, is the first in Europe where the service is mostly used for midweek evening trips, between 7pm to 6am. Rome, with its 330,000 users, follows in evening use, but mostly during weekends. The 147,000 Turinese registered in SHARE NOW prefer, on the other hand, to move during the central hours of the working day.

Car-sharing as a Resource for Companies

SHARE NOW's decades of experience in Italy also shows that car-sharing is not limited to private rides, but also to corporate use. Among all the 16 European SHARE NOW locations, the three Italians are at the top of the ranking of cities where the percentage of B2B rentals is the highest: Milan, Rome and Turin are respectively in second, third and fourth place, only behind Paris and overtaking Berlin and Munich. Furthermore, the connection with the airports is one of the most appreciated features by business customers. In fact, B2B rentals to and from Italian airports have almost tripled in the last six months (+186% from January to June 2022).