Milan, 8 March 2022

SHARE NOW Lands in Malpensa

  • 31 parking spaces are now available for SHARE NOW car-sharing at the Airport Milan Malpensa.

Milan, 8 March 2022 - SHARE NOW welcomes the spring by bringing the popular free-floating car-sharing service to Milan Malpensa, key Italian airport, and major hub of the Milanese city. From today, 31 parking lots powered by SHARE NOW will be available at Terminal 1 of the airport, now reachable with one of the 1,000 shared cars in the Milanese fleet of SHARE NOW. The service is also active at Milan Linate Airport.

The partnership between SEA and SHARE NOW represents a further development towards an increasingly sustainable, flexible, and intermodal mobility: now more than ever, it is getting easier to move from one point to another of the city, or even of the country and throughout Europe, without having to use a private vehicle. The possibility of using the same SHARE NOW account while traveling between the eight European countries in which the service is active symbolizes an essential value for a mobility without borders. There are many cities directly connected from Malpensa where SHARE NOW is present - from Berlin to Copenhagen, from Amsterdam to Madrid, to name a few.

"Milan Malpensa airport, already easily accessible by public or private transport, is now enriched with a solution that increases the range of choices for our passengers: SHARE NOW car-sharing" - says Luigi Battuello, Non Commercial Director Aviation SEA. "Accessibility is an important issue for SEA and this agreement connects the city center with Milan Malpensa, but also the two Milanese airports, as well as the surrounding area."

"We are very happy to have arrived in Malpensa, thus allowing our 3.4 million users to spread all over Europe to take advantage of an efficient service they are already familiar with, making them feel a little bit more at home." - stated Luigi Licchelli, Business Development Lead Italy of SHARE NOW. “This collaboration is the perfect example for how relevant it is to interlink shared sustainable mobility with other modes of transport and, at the same time, confirms SHARE NOW's willingness to further invest in the City of Milan, thus increasing the flexibility and freedom of its citizens."

The arrival of SHARE NOW in Malpensa brings with it a lot of comfort for all travelers, both tourists and business, who are returning to move more frequently. The car-sharing service allows to easily connect the Airport to the entire City of Milan, from the city center to the Fairground, to the Central Station, where dedicated parking spaces are available. In addition, the presence of SHARE NOW also at Linate Airport provides a means of transport to comfortably link the two airports for the connecting flights.

Where to find SHARE NOW parking at Malpensa
The SHARE NOW parking area at Malpensa is located at P3, Terminal 1 of the airport. It has a capacity of 31 parking lots available that can be entered from the side ramp suitably marked, easily accessible from both the A8 and the A4 highways. The cost of the service is 15.99€ that will be added to the standard rental price, both for those who use SHARE NOW from the airport to the City of Milan and vice versa. Further info: