Turin, July 7, 2021

SHARE NOW welcomes the new call for car-sharing in Turin: the fee payable by operators to the municipality has been reviewed.

Turin, July 7, 2021 - SHARE NOW, the leading free-floating car sharing operator in Europe (formerly car2go), expresses its utmost satisfaction with the new measures that the City of Turin, upon suggestion of the entire industry, will adopt in favor of the sector. The Municipality, in fact, has introduced within the new public notice for car sharing, an important revision of the annual fee required of operators for running the service.

The City Council, following the example of the City of Rome, has therefore decided in favor of the abolition of the payment of the fee for the first year of service. Subsequently, the fee will be suspended unless the operator achieves certain objectives set by the Municipality itself. If these objectives are exceeded, the fee that the companies will have to pay to the municipal administration has in any case been reduced by 75%, from 800 to 200 euros per car per year.

"The tender published by the Turin administration represents a concrete help for the players in the sector who, despite the pandemic emergency and the consequent drop in demand, have never stopped providing citizens with a safe service that is now considered a pillar of sustainable urban mobility" - stated Luigi Licchelli, Business Development Lead Italy of SHARE NOW – “We would therefore like to thank the Mayor Chiara Appendino, the Mobility Councilor Maria Lapietra and her staff for having accepted the request from the entire industry. A decision that confirms, once again, how much car sharing represents a service of public importance and how much the City of Turin wants to invest in the future of shared mobility, making sure that it can grow even more, without incurring any economic burdens that hinder the breakthrough of sustainable mobility."

Currently, the European leader in free-floating car sharing has over 93,000 users in the City of La Mole, where every nine seconds a SHARE NOW rental is started. Since 2015, the year in which the service was launched in the Piedmont’s capital, almost 23 million kilometers have been traveled on board of about 350 shared cars at disposal of the city. Furthermore, SHARE NOW contributes to drastically reducing traffic, pollution and parking pressure: according to the study conducted by the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), per car sharing vehicle of SHARE NOW, between 2.1 and 5.3 vehicles have been sold in the analyzed cities and between 7.8 and 18.6 vehicles have been suppressed, while according to researchers from Carlo Ratti's MIT Senseable City Lab, car sharing allows to reduce public spaces occupied by parking spaces by 86%.