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Take a photo of the front and back of your licence, take a selfie, and you're done. Don't worry: The app will guide you.

There's always hundreds of available cars waiting for you. Use the app to find them all. Enjoy your first drive!

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Together: We improve life in cities

Who needs rental stations or car loans? With SHARE NOW, you always have a car in the city. Use the app to find and rent thousands of free-floating cars. No rental stations, no paperwork, no need to refuel upon return. It's the more responsible way to drive: You reduce traffic, pollution, and paperwork with car-sharing. With more than 65% of our fleet being fully electric, we're ready to improve life in cities. What about you?

Our rates are all-inclusive and flexible—no minimum commitments. Fueling, charging, insurance, Home Area parking—it's all included.¹ Plus: We're still 70% cheaper than a taxi ride.

We don't do rental offices. Our cars free-float inside the Home Area of Europe's major cities, making it easy for you to find and rent them all with just one app. No paperwork, no annoying returns.

To drop off the car, just park it within the Home Area for free. No need to look for a rental station, no fussy inspections, no need to refuel the car. You can go straight to your office—or straight home!

Our cars are available at Europe's major airports. Simply reserve a car in the app when you land and enjoy a seamless drive into the city. Parking at the airport is free—but an airport fee may apply.

Meet the fleet

All brands in our fleet

Enjoy premium cars – without the price tag. From SUV to city car: we put an entire fleet at your fingertips. When you car-share with SHARE NOW, you'll always be in the driver's seat of the world's most coveted and exciting vehicles. Go on, make them jealous. See all cars in Italy →


Good to know

Where can I use SHARE NOW?

You can use SHARE NOW in major major European cities with just one account. In fact, we are available at most European airports too so you can seamlessly Drive n' Fly.

Which driver's licences are accepted?

We accept Class B driver's licences issued in the European Union. Your licence must have been valid for at least 1 year. We also accept the International Driver's Permit (IDP), but you may be asked to provide more information. International licences are valid for up to 6 months after first entry.

When do I receive my welcome credit?

Welcome credit is added to your account after you validate your driver's licence in the app. Credit is valid for 30 days in the country where it is issued and can only be used for trips booked on your personal payment profile (not on your business profile).



The minute rate includes 200 km of mileage. A long distance rate of 0,39 € per kilometer will apply for each additional kilometer after the included mileage. Hourly and daily rates do not include mileage and each kilometre driven will be charged from 0,38 € (depending on car model category). The daily price displayed is for a 30-day rental.


You are responsible for parking costs incurred in private parking garages. Additional parking rules apply.