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Dreamy Italian road trips

Nothing quite beats the freedom of hitting the open road. In the right car, with the right people, at the right moment, the destination is trivial - it's all about the journey. SHARE NOW is all about creating those special memories. We've put together our best scenic driving routes in Italy, accessible from each of our Home Areas of Rome, Milan and Turin, so you can embark on an unforgettable road trip in Italy. Whether it's the lakes of Lombardy, the historical side of Rome, or the castles of Piedmont that make your perfect backdrop, we've got you covered!

Historical Rome | Archeological Exploring | Lake Como Villa Tour | Brembana Valley | Turin Wine Tour | Turin Coastal Route


Historical Rome

A gastronomical Roman suburb tour

Time: 2 hours | Distance: 61 km
Start: Rome City | End: Castel Gandolfo
Best for Home Area(s): Roma

You don't need a month to enjoy a fabulous road trip from the Italian capital. This short scenic drive, which can easily be done in a day, takes you out of the city and loops around Lake Albano. There are historical and gastronomic highlights along the way, making it ideal for those who love a rest stop.

Less than 30 kilometres southeast of Rome you will come across Castel Gandolfo perched on the edge of Lake Albano. Easily considered one of Italy's most scenic towns, "Castello", as it's known locally, is famous for its panorama views and refined beauty. It also houses the Pope's summer residence. Continuing south you hit Ariccia in the Alban Hills for breathtaking views before looping back around through Frascati in the Lazio region of Rome's suburbs. Wine connoisseurs will have heard of this town, and the Romans used to call this region's speciality the "golden wine". • Image: Castel Gandolfo © Ahmed Almakhzanji / Unsplash
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Archeological Exploring

Discover the Green Heart of Italy

Time: 4 hours | Distance: 166 km
Start: Rome | End: Orvieto
Best for Home Area(s): Rome

For those who want to venture a little further out of Rome, this Italian scenic driving route takes you northwest, around the picturesque Lago di Bracciano and up into the medieval Umbrian city of Orvieto. Locals call this part of the country the "Green Heart of Italy" - and there's plenty to take in.

If cultural heritage and local traditions are your thing, the destination of Orvieto is worth an extended stopover to take the time to explore the medieval town centre and its narrow streets, beautiful churches, and historic palace. However, the journey up to the city is a joy for anyone who loves the open road. Situated on the flat summit of a large butte of volcanic tuff, there are almost-vertical cliff faces to take in, with the city itself sitting at 325 meters above sea level. The scenic route back to Rome through the Regional Nature Reserve dell'Arcionello also features impossibly pretty views. • Image: Loc. Titignano © Heidi Kaden / Unsplash
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Lake Como Villa Tour

A world within a world

Time: 4.5 hours | Distance: 203 km
Start: Milan | End: Lake Como
Best for Home Area(s): Milan

Lombardy is home to some of the most beautiful lakes in the world and, as a result, some of the most scenic driving routes in Europe. The most famous, Lake Como - thanks largely to its celebrity residents including George Clooney, Madonna, Donatella Versace and Sir Richard Branson - is a great place to start.

There's a reason the rich and famous buy property in this part of the country. The scenery is simply outstanding. On this route, you'll embark on a tour of some of the most iconic villas overlooking Como. Many of the older villas have become luxury hotels, surrounded by natural beauty and incredible gardens. Highlights include: Villa Olmo, Villa del Grumello, Villa Sucota, Villa Bernasconi, Villa Erba, Villa Carlotta, Villa del Balbianello, Villa Melzi, Villa Serbelloni and Villa Monastero. This Lake Como road trip is perfect for those who yearn for serenity behind the wheel. • Image: Lake Como © Lewis J. Goetz / Unsplash
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Brembana Valley

Follow the ancient Priula road into paradise

Time: 2 hours | Distance: 75 km
Start: Milan | End: San Pellegrino Terme
Best for Home Area(s): Milan

The Brembana Valley, known locally as the Alpi Orobie, is one of Lombardy's most scenic spots for a delightful road trip from Milan. It's also home to San Pellegrino - home to majestic liberty architecture, thermal baths, and yes, that mineral water.

Val Brembana stretches up to the Bergamo Alps in the north, and the further you venture into this region the more you are rewarded with spectacular scenery. The region, and in particular the San Pellegrino Terme, has a real 'Belle-Epoque' atmosphere to it. Some say the Brembana Valley is a hard but generous land, to those who can appreciate it. The scenic driving route we've mapped out for you here just gets more and more spectacular once you get north of Bergamo city, with incredible mountainous terrain. • Image: Val Brembana © Adelio Zanotti / Unsplash
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Turin wine and truffle tour

Discover the scenic roads of Piedmont

Time: 2 hours | Distance: 90 km
Start: Turin | End: Barolo
Best for Home Area(s): Turin

Piedmont is famous for its full-bodied red wines and the World Truffle Fair and Market, but it's home to some of themost scenic driving routes in northwest Italy. Along this road between Alba to Barolo, you'll discover scenic villages packed with character.

It's in the small town of Alba that this charming driving route really starts. It's home to the World Truffle Fair and Market, and locals call these delicacies the "white diamonds of Alba". If you are in the mood for lunch, you'll find many delicious dishes topped with this grated truffle here. Heading towards Grinzane Cavour, you'll be getting into vineyard territory, and some epic views all around. Other highlights include Sorano and Serralunga d'Alba with its three towers. On the route into Barolo, you'll enjoy more stunning vineyards on both sides of the road. • Image: Piedmont © Riccardo Mion / Unsplash
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Turin Coastal Route

A trip to the Italian Riviera

Time: 3.5 hours | Distance: 162 km
Start: Turin| End: La Baia delle Sirene a Bergeggi
Best for Home Area(s): Turin, Milan

The beaches of Liguria make for a perfect destination for a road trip from Turin. The coast located in northwest Italy is popularly known as the ‘Italian Riviera’, and the area boasts more beaches than any other (25) to be awarded Blue Flag status in the country for the eighth year running.

The Italian Riviera is made up of 200 miles of coastline, but it's the area south of Savona that we'll be heading to on this scenic drive. This little corner of Italy is truly one of the prettiest in the country, with spectacular roads surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation. Our favourite spots include the La Baia delle Sirene a Bergeggi, Noli, and Varigotti, if you are in the mood for an extended stopover by the sea. We've also included a short detour through the Riserva Naturale Regionale Adelasia National Park for good measure too. • Image: Liguria © Matteo Musso / Unsplash
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