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SHARE NOW Skill for Amazon Alexa #ASKALEXA

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Alexa, ask SHARE NOW for a car!

Level up your car-sharing experience. You can now control the SHARE NOW app hands-free – with just the sound of your voice! Say hello to the SHARE NOW Skill for Amazon Alexa.

SHARE NOW stands for free-floating car-sharing without fixed rental stations. Pick up and drop off the car anywhere in the Home Area of your city. You can drive easily and spontaneously without owning a car. All you need is the SHARE NOW app.

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Reserving a SHARE NOW car just got easier

Late for work? Rushing to the airport? Or you just want to impress your guests? Alexa can help you find and book your next SHARE NOW ride hands-free—and more importantly, stress-free!

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1. Get the SHARE NOW app

To enjoy all the benefits of the SHARE NOW Alexa Skill, all you need is the app and an account. New to SHARE NOW? Join now!

Get the app
Amazon Alexa Skill SHARE NOW

2. Enable the SHARE NOW Skill

To use the SHARE NOW Skill on your Amazon Echo or Echo Dot device, simply visit the Alexa Skills Store webpage or open the Alexa mobile app. Download the SHARE NOW Skill, enable it—and you're ready!

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Just say the word

Use these voice commands on Alexa

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How it works

4 Easy Steps: Enable the SHARE NOW Skill for Amazon Alexa

Enable the SHARE NOW Skill in the Alexa Skill Store.

Grant access to the location of your Alexa device.

Connect the SHARE NOW Skill with your account.

Log into your SHARE NOW account. Easy as that!

Meet the fleet

Alexa, what cars does SHARE NOW have?

Whether you need to drive to a meeting in town or pick up your family at the airport—Alexa can help you book the right car for the right situation.

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from 0,19 €/min

from 0,14 €/min

from 0,14 €/min

from 0,17 €/min

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