Car-sharing in a zombie apocalypse

We’re sure you’ve seen all the zombie movies, but once it actually comes to it, your mind is going to draw a blank. So we’ve collected a couple of very useful insights for you. Let’s have a look at how car-sharing would help you in the case of an actual outbreak with our survival guide.

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1. Prepare NOW

Yes, car-sharing is great in the sense that you can just pick a car on the street, unlock it with an app and drive off into the sunset. However, in order to be ready to do so, you are going to need an active account for when the emergency hits. You don’t want to be standing on the street uploading your driving license with groaning, hungry zombies breathing down your neck. Do zombies breathe? Anyway. Register today, be ready for a gruesome tomorrow.

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2. Location, location, location

Once cities become overrun by the walking undead, the safest place will be somewhere secluded, away from civilization, in the middle of nowhere with strategic points to stay on the lookout for brain-eating intruders. Naturally, once you’re in the thick of things, it’s going to be nearly impossible to find such a place. Luckily, you can get ahead of this bit of a pickle and go seek refuge while the world is still safe and enjoy some beautiful views along the way, while they last. With SHARE NOW, you can pre-book a car for up to 30 days and roam around the country as much as you please.
For now.

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3. Hop in a car, fast

Depending on whichever version of a zombie apocalypse you have found yourself in, there is only so far your feet can carry you. Of course, once the outbreak starts, everyone will do the same thing to get away from imminent danger so you might want to stay away from the motorways which will become a canned buffet for quickly approaching hungry monsters. All SHARE NOW cars have GPS so you better pick the route less travelled to keep moving. And if movies have taught us anything, always check the back seat.

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4. Choose your warrior

With a wide selection of cars in our fleet, it’s up to you whether you want to be a lone wolf in a Fiat 500 or pick up an SUV that can ram into a group of infected victims in case of need. Please keep in mind that our coverage currently does not support damages caused by protecting oneself in the aforementioned situation. It is, however, recommended to stay in groups of people you trust and to have more than one vehicle available, just in case zombies turn one into a pile of scrap metal.

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5. Help people along the way

Don’t forget to be a human, even in these difficult times. Feel free to help strangers too, just make sure they have not already been bitten. Distractions during driving, such as being attacked by a freshly undead co-driver, might lead to serious traffic accidents and put not only yourself in danger but other commuters. Be a considerate driver and always check for bites. If in doubt, follow the golden rules of car-sharing.

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6. Stock up on non-perishables

Visit a supermarket while there is still something left to grab. With SHARE NOW, you can park anywhere you like just as if you had your own car. Not that anyone is going to care where you park once the zombie apocalypse starts, but still, good to know. You can find a wide selection of family-sized cars in our fleet with enough cargo space for all your loot.

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7. Go electric

Are you worried about running out of fuel at the worst moment possible? SHARE NOW also offers a number of electric cars to put your mind at ease, that is, considering you are trying to make do during the end of the world as we know it. The future is electric, ideally from natural sources, so in our fictional futuristic zombie scenario, there is a charging station on every corner that will never stop working as long as the sun shines. (For a volcanic eruption covering the sun for an unreasonable amount of time, you might want to reconsider this option).

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8. The last resort

In the worst-case scenario, a SHARE NOW car can also serve as protection in case of an immediate attack. At the moment our fleet does not contain zombie-proof vehicles and we also have not done any stress tests on our cars to see just how much they can handle so the choice of a hide-out is entirely up to you. Whichever model you choose, just make sure to stay invisible, really really still and quiet. It probably won’t be long now. It’s been a pleasure car-sharing with you.

Maja Jancekova

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