Parking Rules

Where can I park in Frankfurt?

We work closely with the local government in Frankfurt so you can enjoy the privilege of free legal street parking all around the SHARE NOW Home Area in Frankfurt. A rule of thumb when you look for parking is to ask yourself: Would I leave my own car here?

You can park almost anywhere. But where can you stopover or end a trips?

in Home Area
End trip in Home Area
Public parking
Without parking meters
SHARE NOW parking spots Garages, airports, etc.
Residential parking
For Residents only

Outside the time restrictions*

Outside the time restrictions*
Public parking
With parking meters
EU Blue Zones
Own parking disk needed

Own parking disk needed and within time restrictions
Time-restricted parking
Weekly markets, bus lanes, loading zones

Within time restrictions
Private parking garages
With private parking fees

At your own cost
Private parking
Supermarkets, companies, private property

Please follow local regulations

* Only if the next restriction only takes effect 48 h after parking the vehicle.

Stopovers outside the business area:
The German Road Traffic Regulations (StVO) and, if applicable, the parking fee regulations of the respective city apply.