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Go Beyond The City

Lose yourself in nature with 3 new running routes developed in collaboration by SHARE NOW and the Nike Run Club. We've scouted the most scenic running routes in Berlin, Munich, and Hamburg just for you. Book a SHARE NOW car for an hourly rate of your choice, pack your running gear... and just do it!

Image Nike Run Club & SHARE NOW Berlin Map

Nike Run Club & SHARE NOW

Berlin Running Map

Distance: 15,5km
Level: Advanced

Ready for a challenge? Stretch your limits with this idyllic run along Müggelsee – the largest lake in Berlin. Your legs will feel the strain, but the extraordinary view of the islets and water will be worth it.

Image Nike Run Club & SHARE NOW Hamburg Map

Nike Run Club & SHARE NOW

Hamburg Running Map

Distance: 11.5 km
Level: Easy

A beautiful run around the Finkenwerder peninsula and along the Westerweide natural reserve. You'll stay close to the water and enjoy a panoramic view of the Elb.

Image Nike Run Club & SHARE NOW Munich Map

Nike Run Club & SHARE NOW

Munich Running Map

Distance: 12.6km
Level: Intermediate

With SHARE NOW, you'll easily reach the starting point of our running route in the south of Munich. You'll start out near Weyarn, a scenic Bavarian municipality with an old monastery. The light ascent during the run will be your personal challenge.

Together we go further

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