Berlin, 30 September, 2021

SHARE NOW Whitepaper: Traffic Relief in Cities through Artificial Intelligence

  • SHARE NOW software overcomes the four biggest challenges in car-sharing and promotes sustainable mobility
  • Artificial intelligence is a central part of the SHARE NOW corporate strategy
  • Algorithms allow forecasts of demand and business area

Berlin, September 30, 2021 – How can promising business areas for car-sharing be identified? How is it possible to ensure that car-sharing vehicles are always available exactly where they are needed? How is it defined when cleaning must take place? And how can the service be further developed to meet demand? The answer to all these questions is simple, at least at SHARE NOW: Artificial intelligence (AI). This is an integral part of SHARE NOW's corporate strategy. With a fleet of 11,000 vehicles in 16 cities spread across eight countries, SHARE NOW is the largest car-sharing provider in Europe. Managing and controlling the vehicle fleet efficiently is only possible because decisions in the company are made based on data-driven analyses.

In a whitepaper released today, the company provides an overview of the specific challenges to which AI is being applied:

  1. Identifying the ideal business territory: AI uses socio-demographic data and recreational opportunities to analyze in which regions car-sharing makes sense.
  2. Ensuring the availability of vehicles in the right place at the right time: The AI calculates in advance, when how many cars are needed and where. A wide variety of data is used, such as when a concert ends or bad weather conditions.
  3. Optimization of vehicle cleaning and maintenance: With the help of a dirtiness prediction score, the AI calculates when cars need to be cleaned to enable a pleasant driving experience.
  4. Further development of the offer based on demand: To continuously develop the SHARE NOW offer and adapt it to customer needs, data-based decisions are made on an ongoing basis.

Artificial intelligence makes mobility predictable
SHARE NOW's AI now draws on 13 years of data to derive forecasts for the future, for example when it comes to autonomous driving or future demand trends. "Artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly important to be able to efficiently manage vehicle fleets and thus effectively exploit the sustainable mobility of car-sharing," explains Slavko Bevanda, CPO and CTO at SHARE NOW. "Therefore, good software is essential for the success of our company and our purpose to make cities more livable. I am very proud that we program the app and all backend services in-house." The ongoing optimization of SHARE NOW's offering is playing a key role in helping more people use car-sharing and thus relieving cities of more and more traffic. Read more about this in the current whitepaper.