Winter with Free2move and SHARE NOW: Innovative mobile solutions for a relaxed holiday season

As every year, the cold season, accompanied by the pre-Christmas flair, invites you to immerse yourself in the festive mood together with friends and family.To enjoy these special times without giving in to pre-Christmas stress, SHARE NOW and Free2move, the international market leaders in free-floating carsharing, offer tailor-made mobility solutions:

From A to B: Flexibility and convenience for Christmas shopping
With 24/7 vehicle availability and easy reservation via the app, SHARE NOW and Free2move offer maximum flexibility for all Christmas shopping and excursions. Customers benefit from the ability to book vehicles in advance, which significantly eases shopping during the often hectic pre-Christmas period. Thanks to a selection of large and small vehicle models, gifts and errands can be transported effortlessly. The 'additional driver function' allows customers to invite a co-driver, making the driving experience shared and more enjoyable. SHARE NOW and Free2move ensure that their vehicle fleet is prepared for all weather conditions by equipping all vehicles with winter or all-weather tires. Lastly, the offer of free parking in the Home Area and selected shopping centers ensures a worry-free shopping experience.

City escape: Your winter weekend away from the city rush
Tired of the big city? No problem! SHARE NOW and Free2move offer the perfect solution for anyone longing for a quiet Christmas getaway or wanting to leave the city for a few days. The long-term rentals from SHARE NOW and Free2move allow for time-flexible travel arrangements – the service is available at all 16 European locations and permits usage for up to 30 days. Especially in winter, when longer trips are popular, this option represents an attractive alternative to traditional train travel – ideal for visiting family, a trip to the mountains, or a relaxed break away from everyday life.

Safe and stylish driving experiences with the SHARE NOW and Free2move vehicle fleet
With a comprehensive selection of vehicles – from efficient electric cars and agile city cars to spacious SUVs – there's an ideal model for every shopping trip and group. The vehicles, including brands like Peugeot, Opel, Fiat, and Citroën, are equipped with modern features. These include automatic parking and lane-keeping assistants, as well as built-in navigation systems, making the driving experience safe and enjoyable. The combination of flexibility, comfort, and style makes car sharing a perfect choice for staying mobile and flexible during winter, the pre-Christmas period, and the festive days.