Advantages of driving an automatic car over a manual

The automatic gearshift is quickly becoming the preferred choice for drivers worldwide, and for good reason. This technology makes driving easier and more enjoyable, while also offering environmental advantages over manual transmission.

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Take it easy on the road

One of the biggest advantages of an automatic gearshift is its ease of use. Unlike manual cars, which require the driver to shift gears up and down via a gear stick, automatic cars do all the work for you. This means that you can focus on the road ahead, rather than constantly adjusting gears. This can be especially beneficial for city driving, where traffic and stop-and-go conditions can be a challenge for manual drivers.

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The importance of fuel economy

In addition to their ease of use, automatic cars also offer better fuel efficiency than manual cars. Automatics have a more efficient power transfer, which results in better fuel economy and fewer emissions. This is especially important for car-sharing fleets, which are often used in urban areas where air quality is a concern. You don’t pay for your fuel at SHARE NOW, but using less of it is never a bad thing, especially where the environment is concerned.

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Maintaining tip-top condition

Speaking of car-sharing fleets, it's worth noting that many of these fleets exclusively feature automatic vehicles. This is because automatic cars are more convenient for drivers of all skill levels, and it's also more reliable and easier to maintain. This makes it the perfect choice for car-sharing companies, which need to ensure that their vehicles are always in top working condition. Car-sharing is a popular and convenient alternative to traditional car ownership, and SHARE NOW is one of the leading car-sharing companies in the world. SHARE NOW offers a fleet of automatic that are available for rent on demand.

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Reliability is key

Another advantage of automatic cars for car-sharing companies is that they are more reliable and easier to maintain. Automatic transmission vehicles are less likely to experience breakdowns or mechanical issues, which means that SHARE NOW can keep its fleet on the road and available for rent more often. This is especially important for car-sharing companies, which need to ensure that their vehicles are always in top working condition. To find out more about how SHARE NOW maintains its fleet, read our behind-the-scenes look.

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