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Rent a Fiat 500e in Paris from 16,67 €/day¹

Meet the electric Fiat 500e

Next Level City Car

Much fanfare followed the launch of the Fiat 500 into the SHARE NOW fleet, and rightly so! This retro ride became an instant hit with city-dwellers. Now, we’re delighted to welcome the new electric variant of the original Italian city car – the Fiat 500e. Coming straight out of the legendary Mirafiori plant in Turin, the Fiat 500e retains all the Italian flair of the original 1957 model, but with all mod cons. The 500e is instantly recognisable with heritage-led design, but sports a modern 10-inch touchscreen and an all-electric motor. With a range of up to 320 km, you can even take this beauty out of the city. Fantastico!

Includes 200 km

+ 0,19 €/km
2 to 6 hours¹

+ 0,19 €/km
1 to 30 days¹

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Unlimited comfort

Fiat 500e highlights

Fiat 500e Full Interior

World-class infotainment

The Fiat 500e may look retro in design, but it comes with a fully equipped, fully connected infotainment system with support for both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. With its intuitive 10-inch touchscreen, you can wirelessly access the music and apps on your phone via Bluetooth. There's also automatic A/C to keep you feeling as cool as you'll look behind the wheel of this Italian icon.

Fiat 500e Interior Buttons

Pushing all the right buttons

The Fiat 500e says "arrivederci" to the traditional gearshift in favour of a simplified 4-button system, meaning you'll spend less time getting yourself acquainted with the controls and more time enjoying the all-electric driving experience. And with its unique one-pedal driving system, allowing you to use a single pedal for acceleration and deceleration, you will be loving the drive!

Fiat 500e Interior Start Stop

Start/Stop button

No more car keys! Stand next to the car to start/end your trip in the SHARE NOW app – the car will unlock/lock automatically. To start/stop the engine, simply press the Start/Stop button. Want to park and keep the car? Learn how to make a stopover in this video

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3+1 door configuration

It's not only under the hood that Fiat is taking things to the next level with the 500e. On the exterior of this special 3+1 version of the electric city car, you'll find an intelligent design solution. Thanks to a small, supplementary rear door on the passenger side, accessing the rear seats is a lot easier. This mini door, which opens backwards like the rear doors on a Rolls-Royce, makes it easy for friends to hop in as you pull up in the city. Bravo!

How to rent SHARE NOW cars with Start/Stop button

Fiat 500e

Full specifications

Model Fiat 500e
Class Electric compact city car
Acceleration 0 – 100 km/h in 9 seconds
Battery Lithium-ion, 120 Ah (42 kWh)
Charging time 80 % charged in 35 minutes
Range Up to 320 km (depends on climate)
Power 87 kW (118 hp)
Torque 220 Nm
Equipment TFT 10" display, Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, parking sensors, GPS navigation, Automatic A/C
Cargo volume 185 – 550 L (back seats folded)
Doors 3+1 doors
Seats 4 passengers

Unlimited perks

Rent the Fiat 500e with SHARE NOW

For your safety, our car interiors are disinfected up to 4x more often during this pandemic.

You choose exactly the rate you want in the app before each trip.

Our cars free-float all around Paris city and can be unlocked with just our app.

No need to refuel or return the car when you're done — just drop it off on any street in the Home Area.

Park for free within the Home Area.² Learn more about parking rules.

In case of damages, your deductible is 750 € for cars in categories XS/S and 1,000 € for M/L cars, (250 € with Plus Coverage) — no extra charge.

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Hourly rate is based on the price for 6 hours. Daily rate is based on the price for 30 days. Hourly and daily rates do not include mileage and each kilometre driven will be charged 0,19 €. All pricing can be found in the app.


You can park for free on any legal public street parking inside the Paris Home Area and at dedicated car-sharing parking spots. You are responsible for parking costs incurred in private parking garages. Additional parking rules may apply.