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Cost-saving. Convenient. Fast.

Why you'll love SHARE NOW for Business

Car-sharing for business is an innovative way to give your employees access to a corporate fleet of cars without the stress of leasing or owning the vehicles yourself. It's everything you love about car-sharing, only tailored to your individual business needs. Corporate car-sharing is different from carpooling. With SHARE NOW for Business, drivers share an entire fleet of cars that can be unlocked and driven using just our app.

We're more cost-effective than taxi rides and rental cars.

Contact us to explore customisable coverage plans suited to your needs.

Manage all trips and expenses collectively.

Pre-book your corporate car and we'll bring it to you.

Say goodbye to paper fuel and parking receipts.

Discover SHARE NOW for Business

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Join Europe's largest network

SHARE NOW car-sharing fleets are present in 16 cities across 6 European countries, giving you and your company access to corporate car-sharing wherever you do business. We operate the largest car-sharing fleet in Europe with more than 10000 vehicles available via a single app. We've got cars of all sizes, from the nimble Fiat 500 to the luxurious BMW X1.

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Enjoy ultimate flexibility

When you choose to use car-sharing for your business, you'll be choosing unlimited flexibility when it comes to your corporate fleet. Our cars can be rented for just 1 minute, right up to 30 days - and everything in between! Stay agile. Stay ready. That's why car-sharing is so popular with companies.

The car-sharing app

Car-sharing for every business, for every employee

You’ve never experienced business trips like this before – cost saving, convenient, fast! Whether you’re a freelancer, an employee, a travel manager or a business owner, with SHARE NOW for Business you’ll have the professional freedom to decide how it works for you the best. Choose from two options:

business account

Do you have employees?

If you're a company with employees who need to travel for work, SHARE NOW for Business is ideal for reducing your overhead. To start, simply contact us to create your Corporate Account for free.

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Business profile

Are you a freelancer or an employee?

Do you travel for work? Whether you're a freelancer or an employee at a firm, you can already start using SHARE NOW for Business. Simply add a Business Profile as a payment method in the app.

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About SHARE NOW for Business

The world's pioneering car-sharing service

Global market leader
With over 4 million users and 10000 free-floating vehicles, SHARE NOW is Europe’s leading car-sharing company. To date, we operate in 16 major cities across Europe.

Innovative pioneer
SHARE NOW is synonymous with the invention of free-floating car-sharing, which has since revolutionised the mobility industry. To date, we have electric cars in over 75% of our cities.

Premium fleet
Besides the iconic Fiat fleet, we offer a range of high-end BMW, MINI, Peugeot, and Citroën vehicles. So you can enter your meetings in comfort and style.

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A future-ready business solution

Why your employees will love SHARE NOW for Business

From boarding to boardroom – SHARE NOW for Business puts a corporate car right at your fingertips. Enjoy free premium parking at Europe's top airports and inexpensive travel between the arrival or departure lounge and the city. We don't do queues or sales talk. Simply pre-book a car for free and specify the airport as your pick-up location.

Hop into a car of your choice and drive straight from the convention hall to your hotel – no need to hail a taxi or navigate the subway. You can go from door to door. Book your car in advance to start your business trip with total peace of mind, and rent your car from 1 minute up to 30 days.

We understand that customer service is everything in business. Corporate customers are free to customise our range of services and pricing models to suit their business needs. That's why SHARE NOW is trusted by businesses all over Europe. But don't take our word for it! Read what businesses say about using SHARE NOW corporate car-sharing.

Getting to work every day doesn't have to be a drag. With SHARE NOW for Business, you can drive a different premium car every day of the week, find it right on your street, and park it almost anywhere for free. Long business trip? You can choose rates from 1 to 30 days in the app and simply keep the car for the entire trip.

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Ask for an individual solution

Get the best deal for your business now

Got questions? If you are interested in empowering your employees with a car-sharing mobility allowance, get in touch with us. We value your time and are prepared to onboard your company with SHARE NOW for Business right away. Contact us to find out how your company can personally benefit from SHARE NOW for Business corporate car-sharing today. You're just one push of a button away.