What you can do to keep car-sharing low-risk

Car-sharing is more than a way of getting around. It's a lifestyle. So many of you rely on car-sharing for some of your best, worst, most exciting, and most boring moments in life. It's a convenience that is made possible by one thing – the car-sharing community. Yes, you!

Sharing is caring. And that means a lot right now. Here are a few simple things we can all do to keep car-sharing a safe and convenient mode of transport during these challenging times 👇

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Take your trash with you

Love a clean car? So does the whole car-sharing community ;) Leave the car in a state you'd like to find it. Take your used face masks, tissues, and potato chips with you. Trash is one of the easiest ways for germs to travel. Before you end your trip, give the car a good check under and between the seats. This way you're less likely to leave something behind – and you're doing the whole community a good deed.

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Air the cars regularly

As the virus is airborne, numerous sources show that good air circulation is key to lowering risk of infection. Before and after your trip, leave the car doors open for half a minute for fresh air to enter. It's a great way to get rid of any unwanted odours and stale air, and it also reduces any possible risk of contagion. Instead of reaching automatically for the air conditioner, consider using natural ventilation from an open window. If the weather allows, it's a great idea to roll down the windows and make sure you have good air circulation while driving.

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Sanitise your hands

Our cars are already disinfected four times more often during the pandemic. But that doesn't mean your part won't go a long way! Consider carrying a hand sanitiser around. Sanitise or wash your hands before and after you drive. Studies show that hand sanitiser with over 60% of alcohol is an effective way to kill bacteria and viruses. This plays a huge role in keeping high-touch surfaces such as the steering wheel, gearshift, and handbrake clean and low-risk. Keeping your hands – and our cars – clean is a simple way of protecting yourself and all members of the car-sharing community.

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Keep a car for longer

If you need a car over a period of time, consider keeping a car for longer instead of renting a different one each time. For example, instead of taking one car to the supermarket and a different one to drive back home, consider using the same car and make a stopover instead. Our hourly and daily rates are pay-per-kilometre, meaning it doesn't cost more when your car is parked. In fact, many of you are doing this already. The average car-sharing trip duration in Germany is 27% longer this year compared to last year – ever since the pandemic began. It's a great idea to keep a car for longer, as it means the car comes into less contact with different users and lowers overall risk for everyone.

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Wear a mask if you're not alone

As long as you have passengers with you from a different household, consider wearing a mask in the car. Numerous studies show that an airborne virus such as Covid-19 is more easily transmitted indoors, meaning in an enclosed space with others. For this reason, most experts and governments encourage or enforce the use of face masks that cover the nose and mouth in buses, trains, and taxis. We don't expect or oblige you and your passengers to wear one in the car, but it is an effective way of lowering the risk of contagion for everyone.