Frequently asked questions



I forgot my magic PIN. How can I retrieve it?

You can always request your magic PIN in the app:

Open the app ▶ Menu ▶ Tap on your name ▶ Request PIN

We will then send your PIN to your mobile phone number via SMS. Your PIN cannot be changed.

How can I update my driver's licence information?

Open the app ▶ Menu ▶ Tap on your name ▶ Upload new driver's licence

Validation typically takes less than 48 hours. Please note that you should only update your driver's licence if it is about to expire or if your personal information has changed.

How can I change my name?

For security reasons, you can only change names in our systems upon request. Simply complete the name change request form and email it to us with the necessary supporting documents attached:

Download name change request form (PDF)

How can I change my account's email address?

Open the app ▶ Menu ▶ Tap on your name ▶ Edit account information

After you enter your new email address, we will send you an activation link to your new email address. You will need to confirm the change by clicking on the activation link in the email.

My driver's licence is about to expire. What should I do?

If you already have your new driver's licence with you, simply upload it for validation directly in the SHARE NOW app.

Open the app ▶ Menu ▶ Tap on your name ▶ Upload new driver's licence

Validation typically takes less than 48 hours.

Why has my SHARE NOW account been suspended?

This usually means that a payment could not be collected from your default payment profile. For example, your credit card may have expired or your payment may have bounced back to due insufficient funds.

Don't worry, your account will be unlocked as soon as the outstanding amount has been paid.

What is a Corporate Account?

A Corporate Account is for corporate clients who use SHARE NOW for Business for corporate car-sharing. A Corporate Account lets companies do all of the following in one simple dashboard:

✓ Invite colleagues to manage the Corporate Account
✓ Add or remove associated employees
✓ Get a single overview of all trips and invoices

How can I log in to manage my company's Corporate Account?

If your company has a Business Account and you have been appointed as an admin, you can log in to manage your Business Account here.

How can I close or deactivate my account?

If you'd like to close or deactivate your account, please send us an email at