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SHARE NOW 🤝 Free2move

The future of urban transportation is bright! We're pleased to reveal that we've teamed up with a car-sharing service you may not yet know the name of: Free2move. Together, we share one vision and a new, sharp look, becoming one of Europe's largest mobility platforms 🚀

Our shared vision is to revolutionise urban transportation and make it more accessible and sustainable for everyone. One mobility platform that covers all your needs. From car rentals to car subscriptions, allowing you to move freely on both short and long trips.

What does this mean for you? Our app, website, and cars will have a common logo, but our service will remain entirely the same for you. We'll still be your preferred transportation choice whenever you need it.

Join us on our journey as we shape and reinvent the way people move around the city.

Get to know SHARE NOW

Headquartered in Berlin, SHARE NOW has been offering car-sharing in Europe since 2019. As the market leader and pioneer of free-floating car-sharing, SHARE NOW is represented in 17 European cities with around 10,000 vehicles, of which around 3,000 are electric.

Users can easily find, book, and unlock cars through the app, and access our fleet all across Europe. Whether you need a car for a few minutes or an entire month, SHARE NOW has a car suited to your needs.

Get to know Free2move

Active in over 170 countries, Free2move is a mobility platform that offers a wide range of services, including car subscriptions, parking spaces, (electric) car-sharing (from one minute to several days or months), and even long-term car rental. The company is headquartered in Paris, France, and is part of the multinational Stellantis Group.

Different People Same Vision

Questions? We’ve got answers.

1. Why are the two companies merging?

It’s not a secret that two are better than one. SHARE NOW has been the pioneer of car-sharing since 2019 and after being acquired by Free2move in 2022, the long-term goal has always been to expand services to a larger audience. Our mission is to become one app in the future, whether you need a car for just a few minutes, a parking spot, or even a driver for your night out.

Combined, SHARE NOW and Free2move now offer their services to 6 million customers worldwide.

2. Will my existing account information be affected? Will I need to create a new account?

No, you can keep using your SHARE NOW account. You will be able to access and use all services in the SHARE NOW app.

3. How will customer support be impacted?

Our customer support can be reached via the usual channels if you have questions while using our services.