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Are you game?

You drive better with Rewards

Earn points and unlock rewards – just by doing what you already do. We're making it easier, smoother, sweeter for you to SHARE NOW – so that whenever you share, you get something back. We've rigged the game so that you'll enjoy exciting rewards at any level, even if you start out with zero points.

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0 – 299 points
💙 Sky's the limit

300 – 899 points
🥈 You've got game

900 – 3.599 points
🏅 You're a champion

Above 3.600 points
💎 You're a rare gem

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Unlock them all

We asked you what would make your SHARE NOW experience more rewarding and here's what you told us! Some rewards are still in development, but we're working on making them all available to you as soon as possible. Want to know how to unlock and keep all rewards? Get the overview here ↓

Take your own sweet time to get to the car. Enjoy the gift of longer reservation time – now on top of the usual free 30 minutes.
Blue: +5 minutter
Silver: +5 minutter
Gold: +10 minutter
Diamond: +15 minutter

Just a little something. We gift you up to 100 kr. of SHARE NOW credit on your birthday, so you can attend (or flee) all your celebration plans.
Blue: 50 kr.
Silver: 50 kr.
Gold: 75 kr.
Diamond: 100 kr.

You deserve more! And some brands deserve you. Enjoy special offers from like-minded partners who care as much as we do about sharing. Find exclusive partner deals in the SHARE NOW app.
Blue: Yes
Silver: Yes
Gold: Yes
Diamond: Yes

Go beyond our usual hourly rates. This reward unlocks additional rates in the app for more time and flexibility. Enjoy!
Silver: 1h
Gold: 1h, 11h
Diamond: 1h, 7h, 11h

Need a car in the morning? This lets you reserve a car from 11pm until 6am the next morning for free – so you'll have a car bright and early.
Silver: –
Gold: Yes
Diamond: Yes

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How it works

Earning points

If you've been car-sharing recently, you already have points! We count all the trips you've taken in the last 3 months, no matter when you join SHARE NOW Rewards. Points are valid for 3 months until the end of the month. Same for levels. Each time you level up, you secure your new level for 3 months – even if your point balance drops during this time. In fact, if you level down, you will only ever drop by one level. There's no limit to how quickly you can level up, but since the whole point is to reward you – we made it a little harder for you to level down. Nice, right?

You earn 1 point for every krone you spend. Even on fees such as drop off fees, airport fees, etc. Even if you're spending SHARE NOW credit. Points are rounded down, meaning if you spend 149,99 kr., you earn 149 points.

Please note: You will not earn points for Corporate Account trips

With the SHARE NOW Pass, you save 25% or 50% on minute rate trips, but earn the full amount of points for your trip. Win-win!

Get the Pass
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Here's the walkthrough...

Tell your friends!

Like to win? Here's the ultimate overview for SHARE NOW Rewards – and what it'll take to unlock and keep them all.

💙 Blue 🥈Silver 🏅Gold 💎Diamond
Points 0 – 299 300 – 899 900 – 3.599 Over 3.600
Minimum spend to
keep this level
0 kr. 300 kr. every
3 months
900 kr. every
3 months
3,600 kr.
3 months
Bonus Reservation Time
Normally 30 minutes
+ 5
+ 5
+ 10
+ 15
Bonus Hourly Rates ✔️
1h, 11h
1h, 7h, 11h
Special Partner Offers ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Overnight Reservation
From 11PM to 6AM
✔️ ✔️
Birthday Voucher
SHARE NOW credit
50 kr.
50 kr.
75 kr.
100 kr.
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