SHARE NOW Danmark has ended service on February 29, 2024

Our service in Copenhagen is closed, but keep in mind that you can still find us in many other cities in Europe. Thank you for sharing!

Find all available cars within

The Copenhagen Home Area

If you've had any experience with car-sharing before, you'll be familiar with map constraints. Each provider calls it something slightly different, but at SHARE NOW we're talking about the Home Area. This border, that surrounds the city limits, acts as an operational zone for our free-floating cars. It's where you'll find all available cars to rent as well as where you can drop them off. However, there are ways to break free from this zone. Here's how to think outside the Home Area and unlock the true potential of car-sharing.

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Why is there a limit to the Home Area?

Home Areas are a natural and necessary part of the free-floating car-sharing model. Unlike traditional car rental services, which have fixed rental stations for pick-up and drop-off, the free-floating approach gives drivers the chance to jump in a car (almost) anywhere. Naturally, operating a free-floating car-sharing service across an entire country would be impossible, and thus the concept of a Home Area was born. That said, it's important not to think of these borders as driving boundaries - not at all!

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Adventure knows no boundaries

The borders you see on the map are only for starting and ending your trip – where you go in between is completely up to you! Drive across Storebæltsbroen and enjoy a weekend at Vestkysten, go for a day trip to Southern Zealand, or drive across Øresundsbroen to Sweden and spend some time off. Venturing outside of the urban area to explore is both easy and budget friendly through hourly rates, daily rates and special offers.

When you rent a SHARE NOW in Denmark, you can drive to Sweden and Germany at no extra charge. Learn more here.


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Unlimited power and fuel

Enjoy unlimited charging and refuelling at no extra cost with SHARE NOW. Charge our electric cars for free at any Clever, Spirii, E.ON, or IONITY charging station and refuel for free at any Circle K service station across Denmark. For information on charging and refuelling in Sweden and Germany, tap here.

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Getting back to the end zone

When you've finished your adventure outside of the Home Area, drive back to end your trip. It doesn't matter where you started your trip – you can end your trip anywhere within the Home Area simply by using the app. Clean up, take your belongings with you, and make sure to follow our parking rules.

Where to park ↓

Copenhagen Home Area

Where to park with SHARE NOW

All our available cars are parked within the Home Area and can be found via the app. Think of it as the home of our cars – it's where you start and end all trips. When you're ready to end a trip, you can park for free in all public parking spots¹ within the Home Area. Here are your options:

Within the Home Area, you park for free in public parking spots where the car is allowed to stay parked for at least 2 hours at all times. Public parking spaces are easy to spot: Look for a blue sign with white text. If you're driving an electric car you can also end your trip in spaces with the sign "Kun el-delebiler."

Usually, private parking spaces are off-limits for SHARE NOW cars – but to give you more options, we’ve made sure that you can park in a number of private parking spaces. Private parking areas are marked with a black sign with white text.

You can leave the Home Area for as long as you like – as long as you bring the car back to end your trip. To park and stopover, simply lock the car without ending your trip. Outside the Home Area, parking costs are on you.

Copenhagen Airport

We're also at Copenhagen International Airport (CPH). There are dedicated car-sharing parking spots at Terminal 3, P7 where you can find and drop off our cars. An airport fee will apply.

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What's included?

You get all these perks with SHARE NOW

Park for free in most public parking spaces¹ in the Copenhagen Home Area.

Charge for free at any of our partner charging stations throughout the country.

Refuel the car for free at any Circle K station in Denmark. Just use the car's fuel card.

Our cars free-float all around Copenhagen city and can be unlocked with just our app.

You choose exactly the rate you want in the app before each trip.

You can earn SHARE NOW credit if you fully recharge or refuel a car at the end of your trip.

In case of damages, your deductible is automatically reduced to 5,000 kr.²

Just like fueling and charging, it's all included — no extra charge!

No need to recharge/refuel or return the car when you're done – just drop it off on any street¹ in the Copenhagen Home Area.


To start car-sharing

All you need is the app

The app is your key to car-sharing. Find, reserve, and unlock SHARE NOW cars in less than 2 seconds. It's a new way of car rental – no paperwork, no rental offices, no waiting lines. Try it now:

1. Download the SHARE NOW app
The app is free and your key to all our cars.

2. Upload your driver's license
We'll validate your license in the app.

3. Validated? Start driving!
We'll give you credit to start driving right away.