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Unlimited freedom

Pre-book a car and we'll deliver it to you

Please note: Pre-booking cannot be combined with campaigns offers. Pre-booking may be sold out at any time.

Book a car right here or in the app. Tell us when and where you want your car – and we'll take care of the rest. No paperwork, no queues, no car rental stations!

When the day comes, the car will be delivered to your requested pick-up spot. You can see the car in the app 1 hour before your chosen start time. Just hop in with your luggage and loved ones — and go. Long-term car rentals have never been easier.

Roam freely outside the Home Area as much as you want. When you're done, simply drop off the car on any street¹ in the Home Area. No need to charge, refuel or return the car to a certain place.

Unlimited perks

We've got you covered

You only pay one low flat rate for your trip and will have no expenses for charging or refuelling. Each additional kilometre costs 2.50 kr.

No need to recharge/refuel or return the car when you're done – just drop it off on any street¹ in the Copenhagen Home Area.

You can cancel your pre-booking for free until 6 hours before pick-up time – directly in the app! In case you cancel too late, a late cancellation fee will apply.

Charge the car for free at any partner charging station in Denmark. Learn how.

Refuel the car for free at any Circle K station in Denmark. Just use the car's fuel card. Learn how.

In case of damages, your deductible is automatically reduced to 5,000 kr.²

Just like fueling and charging, it's all included — no extra charge!

Park for free in most public parking spaces¹ in the Copenhagen Home Area. Learn more about parking rules.

Add more perks

Customise your trip

Option Description Price
Comfort Package ✓ Delivered even closer to your pick-up address (within 5 min. by foot) 
✓ Cleaned interior + clean exterior 
✓ >80% charged/fueled up
Fixed price
300 kr.
Plus Coverage ✓ Collisions & Theft: Deductible reduced to 0 kr. from
90 kr./day
Basic Coverage ✓ Collisions & Theft: Deductible 5,000 kr. Already included
Airport Fee Guarantee yourself a car upon landing. Pre-book a car, set the airport address as a pickup address and a car will be waiting for you when you arrive. See all airport fees
Additional Driver Share the driving load. Invite an additional driver to your pre-booked trip and you can both get behind the wheel. Perfect for long road trips. 50 kr./day
Long-term car-sharing SHARE NOW vacation

Unlimited choice

What model do you prefer?

With pre-booking you pay 150 kr. on top of our standard rates. For this amount, you are guaranteed a car within walking distance from your pick-up address 1 hour before and after your chosen start time. Electric cars will be delivered with >60% battery. Petrol cars will be delivered with >25% fuel.

Pricing examples:

1 day – 750 kr.
(+0.45 kr./extra min.)

5 days – 2,550 kr.
(+0.40 kr./extra min.)

10 days – 4,400 kr.
(+0.40 kr./extra min.)

Pricing examples:

1 day – 900 kr.
(+0.55 kr./extra min.)

5 days – 3,250 kr.
(+0.50 kr./extra min.)

10 days – 5,750 kr.
(+0.50 kr./extra min.)

ExtraLarge-108 SHARE NOW 087 Port 0218

Useful tips

When you're on the road

During your long-term rental, you can drive freely outside the Home Area and even cross the border to Sweden. To end your trip, you must be within the Home Area.

When you're not driving, lock the car with either the app or the key from the glove compartment. It all depends on the car.

Charge for free at any E.ON charging station and refuel at any Circle K station in Denmark. Find walkthroughs for charging and refuelling in the app or in our FAQ.

No need to charge or return the car to a specific place when you're done. Just drop it off on any street¹ in the Copenhagen Home Area – that's it! Learn about parking rules.

Got questions?

We answer all of your most frequently asked questions about pre-booking right here in a dedicated FAQ section:



Parking is free on any legal public street parking inside the Copenhagen Home Area, where the car is allowed to stay parked for at least 2 hours at all times of the day and week. You are responsible for parking costs incurred in private parking garages. Additional parking rules apply.


All SHARE NOW cars are covered by third-party liability insurance and your deductible is always automatically reduced to a specific amount of 5.000 kr. in case of an accident. This agreement is waived, however, in cases of gross negligence. To learn more, please check out our terms and conditions.