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Many of us have fond memories of road trips during our youth. Taking time to get out of the house, set out on an adventure and catch up with friends was a real treat! Whether it is a short trip to your favourite camping site or just a day trip to that factory outlet mall 40 kilometres outside of town, car-sharing gives you access to dozens of family vehicles all over Europe.

It's often said that the family that travels together, stays together. With a range of family cars for rent from comfortable SUVs to classy country-ready hatchbacks, SHARE NOW car-sharing gives you the freedom of driving around the country, taking in all the sights, or simply just passing time with family and friends.

Guarantee yourself a car
Book a car in advance and we'll deliver it to you – when you want it, where you want it.
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Rent your perfect family car

You can easily rent a family car in Germany anytime with SHARE NOW by using the app. Our cars are on the streets of major German cities and are ready to be unlocked with just the SHARE NOW app. No opening hours, no waiting time and no paperwork. Our car-sharing rates are all-inclusive and more flexible than traditional car rental – you don't pay extra for parking in the Home Area, fuel/charging, GPS, automatic transmission, or insurance. From 1 minute to 30 days, you decide the rental duration you want in the app. Perfect for daily commutes or long trips. In fact, for trips of 1 to 30 days, you can even pre-book a car and we'll bring it to you. That's car-sharing.

Fiat 500e ⚡️

Iconic and electric.
0,19 €/minute¹
7,99 €/hour²
39,83 €/day²
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Peugeot e-208 ⚡️

Feel the electricity.
0,21 €/minute¹
9,99 €/hour²
43,16 €/day²
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Advantages of renting family cars

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Room to roam

As a parent, it’s understandable that you want to make sure your family is safe and comfortable. And if you've ever tried to take a road trip in a less-than-ideal car, you’ll know that sometimes it can be a challenge. With SHARE NOW car-sharing, you can rent family-sized cars such as SUVs and large hatchbacks that are perfect for families on long road trips or weekend getaways. With room for up to 5 passengers and all their luggage, when you rent a family car with our car-sharing app you'll have more than enough room for a truly memorable adventure.

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Luxurious spaciousness

The family cars in our fleet not only offer the luxury of space but the additional trim options and special touches that come with larger vehicles. You can expect new and fully equipped family cars with air conditioning, electric windows, parking sensors and power door locks. These make it easy to drive without worrying about whether the temperature will be comfortable or your passengers complaining. Your kids will have more room to stretch out, avoiding tantrums and unnecessary headaches. What's more, with our built-in GPS systems in most cars, you'll never get lost again!

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Safety peace of mind

With all the latest safety features, you’ll also have peace of mind while driving, especially if you’ve got some highly valuable human cargo on board! Not only do our cars come fully maintained and kept in perfect road-worthy condition, but we also offer Plus Coverage and Roadside Assistance to give you even more peace of mind. This means that if anything happens while using one of our cars, you’ll be covered. When you pre-book a family car with SHARE NOW, you can also share the driving load to avoid driving when tired with an additional driver.

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What's included?

You get all these perks with SHARE NOW

Our cars free-float all around Madrid city and can be unlocked with just our app.

No need to return the car when you're done – just drop it off on any street in the Madrid Home Area.

Park for free within the Home Area. Learn more about Madrid parking rules.

You can recharge your car at one of our charging hubs in Madrid. The charging hubs are marked on the map of the app with a plug symbol.

You earn 4,00 € of SHARE NOW credit each time you plug in a car.

In case of damages, your deductible is 1,000 € (250 € with Plus Coverage) - no extra charge.

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Ready to SHARE NOW?

Join the car-sharing community and take your first drive today! Registration is free, only takes 3 minutes and you can start using the app right away.



The minute rate includes 200km of mileage. A long distance fee of 0,39 € per kilometer will apply for each additional kilometer after the included mileage. Hourly and daily rates do not include mileage and each kilometre driven will be charged between 0,21 € and 0,22 € (depending on car model category).


All SHARE NOW cars are covered by third-party liability insurance and your deductible is always automatically reduced to a specific amount in case of an accident. This agreement is waived, however, in cases of gross negligence. To learn more, please check out our terms and conditions.