Why car-sharing is the perfect holiday companion

The summer holiday season is very much underway across Europe as millions look to escape their routines and enjoy some rest and recuperation. One of the most stressful parts of any trip abroad or to another region in your home country is traditional car rental. The queues at the busy rental desks, the mountain of paperwork to read and sign, the credit-card-maxing deposit that has to be put down – it’s all just one massive headache and the least fun way to start your vacation. But there is a better way. A way where you can skip all that hassle, hop in a car and just drive off. Here’s why car-sharing is the perfect holiday companion this summer.

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We don’t upsell expensive insurance

Our single biggest pet peeve with the traditional car rental market – and every company out there does it – is insurance upselling. Large numbers are scribbled onto Post-it notes, your deductible should the worst happen, to terrify you. Then the solution: 'with our premium insurance this can be reduced to almost nothing!' Several companies have been reprimanded for heavy-handed upselling and for other hidden costs. With car-sharing, you can avoid all of this. At SHARE NOW, all of our cars come fully insured. If you do want a little extra cover, you can book it via the app, but we certainly won’t pressure you.

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Fuelling and charging are included

There’s no beating around the bush, fuel is incredibly expensive these days due to a whole host of political and global economic factors. Customers of traditional car rental services will know all too well the pain of that final tank of gas. One last fill-up, as close to the rental office as possible, to avoid even more fees for bringing it back anything other than completely full. With car-sharing, you can leave the tank half-empty if you want. We’ll even pay for your fuel or charging throughout your entire holiday. Spend your money on the fun things during your vacation, and let us take care of your fuel and charging costs. You can even earn credit for fuelling and charging.

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Unlimited freedom with car-sharing

The way people holiday has changed a lot over the past 20 years. With the rise of digital services and apps, more people are opting for flexible adventures, booking accommodation on the fly from their phones, and going where they want, when they want. Traditional car rental is rigid. Car-sharing is flexible. Try going into your local car-rental shop and saying you need a car for four hours on Monday, all-day on Thursday and Friday and for 30 minutes on Sunday. Tell them you don’t want to pay for the time when you don’t need it. Then explain that on Monday you’ll be in Vienna, Thursday and Friday in Munich, and Sunday in Rome. With car-sharing, you could book that trip with one app and one account, and drive across Europe.

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You can choose the car you want

With car-sharing, you’ll also experience increased freedom when it comes to what car you actually want to book and drive. Unlike traditional car rental services that let you book a car category, and give you whatever they have available when you turn up to sign the paperwork, car-sharing lets you pick the exact make and model you want. See a beautiful convertible on the street corner and want to rent it for the day? No problem. Simply pull out your phone and unlock it. This flexibility also gives you the option to choose different cars for different days of your vacation with spontaneous rentals. The SHARE NOW fleet is large and varied, so there’s something for every trip.

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We’re available at airports

Getting to and from the airport with all your luggage, and sometimes your family, can be stressful. Grappling with unfamiliar public transport networks or expensive taxis can either get your trip off to a bad start or cap it off with a sour memory. With car-sharing, getting to and from the airport is a breeze. Simply start your trip in the city and leave the car at dedicated car-sharing parking spots at the airport. Just landed? Hop in a car at the airport and start your holiday right away. You can even pre-book a car and get it delivered to your destination airport. SHARE NOW car-sharing is cheaper than taxis in most cases. See which airports we operate from.

There are so many advantages of using car-sharing on vacation. Whether you need something compact just to get you to and from the airport or a set of wheels for an epic road trip, SHARE NOW has you covered. Ultimately, it's about flexibility. And having the freedom to drive where you want, when you want. That's car-sharing in a nutshell. Embrace the freedom. Enjoy your holiday.

David McCourt

David McCourt

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