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Flexible transport for busy professionals

Your time is valuable. That's why we've made it easy for you to use our car-sharing service for your transportation needs during your workday. In the SHARE NOW app, you can easily reserve a car for your exact needs and quickly move on to your next task or client meeting. With the option to add multiple payment profiles in the app, we help you keep track of your transportation expenses and trips, so you can focus on what matters most – your work.

In general, there are two ways to use SHARE NOW for work, but we also offer tailormade solutions. Explore the options below and find out which solution best suits you.

Business profile

Option #1

Add an extra payment card

In the SHARE NOW app, you have the option to create two payment profiles and select which one to use for each trip. Furthermore, when you add a second payment profile in the app, you can designate a distinct email address for the invoice to be sent to, separate from your personal email address. This makes it even easier to separate your trips and keep separate accounts.

How to switch between payment profiles in the app
Reserve a car and tap in the field that shows the car's number plate. This will enable you to switch to the desired payment profile.

business account

Option #2

Create a corporate account

Are you a company owner? Then a free corporate account might just be your perfect match. A corporate account provides various discounts and benefits right away and grants access to a comprehensive overview of your trips. Invite your colleagues to join and consolidate your transportation details in one place. No obligations, no extra fees.

Want to know more?
Simply fill out our form and let us know your requirements, and we'll get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Why professionals choose SHARE NOW

With just your phone in hand, you can easily locate and select from hundreds of cars available in the city. Since there is no need to visit a rental office or handle paperwork, SHARE NOW is the top choice for transportation among professionals.

There are no minimum commitments required for our rates, and they are all-inclusive and flexible. This means that fueling, charging, basic insurance, and Home Area parking are all included in the price.

We don't do rental offices. Our cars free-float inside the Home Area and are available day and night. Reserve and open any of our cars with just a few taps and move towards your next appointment.

To drop off the car, just park it within the Home Area for free. No need to refuel the car or think about paper work. You can go straight to your office — or straight home!

Please note, that terms and rules for parking apply.

If you need a car for a day or more, you can pre-book a car in the SHARE NOW app and have it delivered to an address within the Home Area of your choice. There's no extra cost associated with pre-booking and when you do, you can choose exclusive extras that make your trip easier and more comfortable.

Our cars are available at major European airports, including Copenhagen Airport. At this location, we provide dedicated parking spots in P7, located only a short distance away from Terminal 3.

Meet a business customer

Mikael Krøll, architect & CEO

A flexible option for every day use

Mikael Krøll, the owner of the architecture firm Atrium, swapped his private company car for our cars and was pleasantly surprised. With SHARE NOW, he could both save money and achieve a flexible solution that covered his everyday transportation needs – both personally and professionally.

"I have to say that I was surprised by how much frustration I wasted on mechanic bills and payments by doing things as one 'usually does'. Today, I have reduced my transportation expenses to less than a quarter – even though I always drive Mercedes-Benz, BMW, or one of the other great SHARE NOW cars that are available. It should be noted that this exercise has also taught me to ration and optimize my drives; it has changed my habits."