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Meet the Fleet: Discover all SHARE NOW cars in Copenhagen

Meet the fleet

Life is too short for boring cars

SHARE NOW puts you in the driver's seat of the world's most iconic vehicles. Within seconds the app shows you the car closest to you. With a few taps, you're at the wheel, driving to your next destination. We've split our cars into different categories to give you an idea about the size, comfort, and pricing of each model. Don't worry, though – no matter what car you choose, you're guaranteed modern cars and a well maintained fleet around the clock.

Did you know that each SHARE NOW city has its own unique selection of cars? Explore the fleet in each city here ↓


Category XS

Category XS cars are designed for hectic city life. These models find their way into any parking spot you can legally conceive of. Wrong turn? The small turning radius will let you turn around on the spot. Strongly recommended for your everyday commutes. Also, they're just really fun to drive.

Fiat 500e ⚡️

Perfect for life in the city.
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Category S

Our Category S cars might just be the most stylish of them all. These models combine sport and class to elevate the joy of driving. Plus: They're roomy enough for up to 4 passengers and your weekend luggage. Choose these sweet rides for short-to-medium-length trips.

Modern, electric, silent.
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Redefined electric.
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Category M

Large enough for bigger plans, but still easy to park. Category M cars are as large as you can go without starting to worry about parking in the city. Choose these for long trips that cover a lot of urban ground. Perfect for up to 5 passengers and all their luggage. Minimum age to rent this category is 21 years.

More comfort and style.
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Sporty and luxurious.
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Family car, redefined.
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Category L

For maximum comfort, we recommend Category L cars for trips over 3 days. Enjoy ample room for up to 5 passengers and capacity for plenty of luggage. Choose from the largest and best-performing cars in our fleet. Minimum age to rent this category is 21 years.

Even more space.
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Category Special

Choose Category Special for the unique occasions in your life. The luxurious Mercedes-Benz CLA truly does wonders for your confidence on the road. To experience it, you'll have to try it. Minimum age to rent this category is 25 years.

Something special.
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