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Monthly car rental from 19,82 €/day

Rent a car for a month with complete peace of mind

Do you need a car for a longer period of time but without the stress of paperwork to fill out or deposit to pay? With SHARE NOW you've just found the flexible solution you were looking for!

Choose the model you prefer via our app and pre-book it in advance from 1 to 30 days. And the best thing is that you neither have to worry about refuelling the car nor bringing it back to a rental agency when you're done.

Guarantee yourself a car
Book a car in advance and we'll deliver it to you – when you want it, where you want it.

Where can I rent a SHARE NOW car?

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In the Home Area

SHARE NOW cars free-float within the city. During your monthly rental, you can of course leave the Home Area, just bring the car back when you're done.

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At the airport

We're available at major European airports! There are dedicated car-sharing parking spots where you can find and drop off our cars.

Our models

Which cars would you like to rent for a month?

Our fleet includes models from the most popular brands. During your monthly rental you may need a family car or a more compact model. Whatever journey you're about to embark on, with SHARE NOW you have plenty of choice. Meet our fleet!

Peugeot e-208 ⚡️

Feel the electricity.
0,26 €/minute¹
11,99 €/hour²
29,98 €/day²
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Fiat 500e ⚡️

Next Level City Car.
0,24 €/minute¹
9,99 €/hour²
19,82 €/day²
See more  →

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Your advantages

Why rent a car with SHARE NOW?

In case of damages, your deductible is 1,000 € (250 € with Plus Coverage) — no extra charge.

You can cancel your pre-booking for free until 3 hours before pick-up time – directly in the app!

No need to refuel/recharge or return the car when you're done — just drop it off on any street in the Home Area.

Our cars free-float all around Paris city and can be unlocked with just our app.

You can rent a car per hours, day, week or even for a month. With SHARE NOW, we've got you covered.

What to know about car rental with SHARE NOW

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Most traditional rental companies ask you to return the vehicle back with a 100% fuel level. With SHARE NOW's monthly rental, you don't have to do so, but if you fully charge a car with less than 60% of battery, we'll give you 0,00 € of credit. And during the rental? All expenses for charging are on us. Choose one of our partner stations and we will take care of the payment. Learn more about charging a car with SHARE NOW.

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Sharing the load

Long journeys on the road can be tiring even for the most experienced drivers. For this reason, SHARE NOW has introduced the Additional Driver option. By selecting this option when you pre-book a car, another driver will also be able to get behind the wheel, so you can share the driving experience and enjoy a more relaxing and safer trip.



The minute rate includes 200 km of mileage. A long distance fee of 0,39 € per kilometer will apply for each additional kilometer after the included mileage. Hourly and daily rates do not include mileage and each kilometre driven will be charged 0,24 €. The daily price displayed is for a 30-day rental.


All SHARE NOW cars are covered by third-party liability insurance and your deductible is always automatically reduced to a specific amount in case of an accident. This agreement is waived, however, in cases of gross negligence. To learn more, please check out our terms and conditions.