Frequently asked questions



Can I book a car in advance?

Yes, you can!

With pre-booking, you decide exactly where and when you want your car. We'll bring your pre-booked car to within a 10 minute walking distance (approx. 600m) of your requested pick-up address — within the Home Area, of course! The car will be reserved for you in the app 1 hour before and 1 hour after your selected start time.

You can pre-book a car up to 90 days before you need it. Pre-booking is exclusively available for car category XS, S, and M long term rentals from 1 day and up.

Please note: Pre-booking may be sold out at any time.

Where is pre-booking available?

Pre-booking is currently available in the following countries:


What cars can I prebook?

You can pre-book cars from car category XS, S, or M.

Can I add an additional driver to my pre-booking?

Yes, absolutely. If you'd like to add an additional driver to your pre-booking, you can do so via the SHARE NOW app.

You can invite new or current SHARE NOW users to become a second drivers on your pre-booked trip. At the trip checkout, we'll give you a unique invitation link to share with your chosen co-pilot. Once they accept this invitation, their driver status will be activated.

Additional driver not a SHARE NOW user yet? No problem! They can simply create and validate an account before accepting your invitation to drive via the magic link shared with you.

It costs 50 kr. per day to add an additional driver to your pre-booking (and maximum 500 kr., no matter the amount of days). The price is charged automatically at the end of your trip.

Additional drivers must meet the minimum age requirement for the category of car booked.

How far in advance can I pre-book a car?

In Denmark, you can pre-book a car up to 90 days before you need it. The latest you can prebook a car for is 25 hours before your start time.

How will I know when my pre-booked car is ready?

Your car will be ready for you at your pick-up location 1 hour before start time. We'll notify you via email and push notification as soon as the car is ready for you.

What happens if I'm late to pick up the car?

Don't worry. We'll make sure the car stays reserved for you up to 1 hour after your requested pick-up time.

After 1 hour, your pre-booking will be automatically cancelled and you will be charged a no-show fee.

Will my pre-booked car be delivered to the exact pick-up location I ask for?

No, we can't make any guarantees. Our goal is to make sure you don't have to walk more than 10 minutes (roughly 600 m) to reach your pre-booked car.

Remember: You can find the car and start your trip in the app 1 hour before your start time.

How will I find my pre-booked car?

When the car is ready for you, we'll notify you via email and push notification. Simply open the SHARE NOW app. The car will already be reserved for you on the map. Just walk over and start your trip in the app!

How can I cancel my pre-booking?

You can simply cancel your pre-booking via the app:

Open the app ▶ Menu ▶ Trips ▶ Upcoming trips ▶ Cancel booking

Cancellations are free if you do so at least 6 hours before your start time. After that, a late cancellation fee will be charged, as we would have set aside the car just for you. We hope that sounds fair!

Can I use a different SHARE NOW car during my pre-booking?

Once the pre-booked car has been reserved for you 1 hour before start time, you will not be able to reserve or rent other SHARE NOW cars.

Can I let someone else drive the car using my SHARE NOW account?

On spontaneous trips – meaning when you find a car on the map in the app and start your trip right away – only the account holder is allowed to drive the car.

In relation to pre-booking, where you can reserve a car in advance to an address near you, you can add an additional driver to your trip for 50 kr./day. You can easily do this in the app.

What are partner charging stations?

Charging is free of charge, as long as you use approved charging partners. When you rent a SHARE NOW in Denmark, you can also cross the border to Sweden or Germany.


Sweden and Germany
To find approved partner stations, please consult the E.ON Drive app. Find more information here.

If you rent a car in other country than Denmark and are looking for information about charging, please refer to the FAQ section of the respective country.

How do I charge an electric car?

Charging an electric car is safe and simple. With SHARE NOW, you can charge at any E.ON, Clever, Spirii, and IONITY charging station in Denmark. If you're in Sweden or Germany and need to charge, we refer to the E.ON Drive app.

How to charge an electric car

  1. Take the charging cable from the boot of the car.
  2. Open the car's charging port with a gentle tap and plug in the cable. The charging port is located above the rear wheel.
  3. There is a chip in the plug of the charging cable. Scan the plug on the top, front or side of the charging station to activate charging, then plug in the cable.
  4. The car is charging when the lights around the car's charging port light up.

Standing next to a fast charger? The charging process at these stations are a bit different. Learn more here.

Hint: Each time you fully charge a car that has less than 30% battery level, you earn 30 kr. in SHARE NOW credit. If the car has less than 15%, you can earn as much as 60 kr. in SHARE NOW credit. This will be used to pay for your trips and trip related costs. Credit can only be earned on trips that are paid via your personal payment profile.

Please note: If the battery level is below 5%, you're obligated to charge the car (if the circumstances allow it)