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What is SHARE NOW Rewards?

SHARE NOW Rewards is a loyalty programme that lets you earn points and unlock rewards as you car-share. There are 4 levels and lots of exciting rewards that you can unlock and enjoy:

💙 Blue: 0 – 299 points
🥈 Silver: 300 – 899 points
🏅 Gold: 900 – 3.599 points
💎 Diamond: Over 3.600 points

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What rewards can I unlock?

There's rewards for everyone. The higher your level, the more exciting your rewards:

🏆 Bonus Reservation Time
Up to extra +15 minutes to reach your reserved car without rushing – for all trips, all cars, all the time.

🏆 Birthday Voucher
Enjoy up to 100 kr. of SHARE NOW credit during your birthday week.

🏆 Bonus Hourly Rates
Additional hourly rates will be added to your list of rates in the app.

🏆 Overnight Reservation
Reserve a car for free overnight from 11 PM to 6 AM – for all your early morning drives.

🏆 Special Partner Offers
Enjoy special offers from like-minded partners who enjoy sharing as much as we do.

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Why should I join SHARE NOW Rewards?

The whole point of SHARE NOW Rewards is to reward you for car-sharing. So we've rigged it for you to win:

Joining is free
No minimum spend required. No strings attached. As with all things SHARE NOW, all you need is the app!

You will unlock rewards no matter what
If you've been car-sharing recently, all trips in the last 3 months will count towards your points. If you're completely new to car-sharing, you will unlock Blue Rewards even if you have 0 points.

You designed the rewards!
We asked you what rewards would make SHARE NOW a better experience for you – and you answered! All rewards intend to elevate your car-sharing experience by making everything a little easier, smoother, sweeter.

It's easy to level up
You can level up as quickly as you like, there's no limit! You earn 1 point for every 1 krone you spend – even if you're spending SHARE NOW credit!

It's hard to level down
Each time you unlock a level, your new level (and your new rewards) are secured for 3 months. Even if your point balance drops during this time, the rewards will remain yours until they expire. And if you do level down, you only drop by one level.

How do I join SHARE NOW Rewards?

Joining SHARE NOW Rewards is free and only takes a minute! Here's how to get started:

Open the app ▶ Menu ▶ SHARE NOW Rewards

If you don't have a SHARE NOW account yet, simply register now and log in on the app.

How do I earn points with SHARE NOW Rewards?

You earn 1 point for every 1 kr. spent. Points are rounded down, meaning that if you spend 110.75 kr., you earn 110 points.

All of the following count toward points:
✔️ All trips except Corporate Account trips
✔️ Even when you spend SHARE NOW credit
✔️ Airport fees, drop off fees
✔️ If you have a SHARE NOW Pass, you'll pay the discounted minute rate, but earn full points on the normal minute rate!

Service fees and damage-related costs won't count toward points.

How do I earn Rewards points with the SHARE NOW Pass?

If you subscribe to SHARE NOW Pass, the price you pay will be added to your point balance. For example, if you subscribe to Pass25 for 150 kr./month, you'll earn 150 points every time your subscription is renewed.

And it gets better: Even though the SHARE NOW Pass discounts the minute rate for you, you will continue to earn full Rewards points! Example: You subscribe to SHARE NOW Pass50 and get 50% discount on all minute rate trips, but you earn points as if you were driving at the regular minute rate. How neat is that?

Do my points and rewards expire?

Yes, but we've made sure that the expiry date is always in your favour. Points and rewards are valid for 3 months until the end of the month.

For example: If you earn 100 points in April, those points will be valid and count toward your point balance until the end of July.

Similarly, whenever you unlock a level, your new rewards are secured for 3 months until the end of the month.

After that, you will level up or down (or not) based on your current point balance.

Do I level down when my point balance drops?

Points expire after 3 months, so it's normal for your point balance to fluctuate over time. The good news are: We've rigged the game so that you'll always keep the best rewards for as long as possible – even when your point balance drops.

If my point balance drops before my level expires...
No, you won't level down. You still keep your rewards until the end of 3 months. This means it's sometimes possible for you to have a lower point balance but a higher level!

If my point balance drops after my level expires...
Yes, you will level down – but only by one level at a time! This means if you have Diamond Rewards, after 3 months you can only level down to Gold Rewards, and after another 3 months, you can only level down to Silver Rewards, and so on...  even if you don't have enough points during this time!

What is the easiest way to level up and keep my rewards?

We like the way you think. For all of you who like to win, we've put together the ultimate overview for you to get the best out of SHARE NOW Rewards.

How do I redeem my SHARE NOW Rewards Birthday Voucher?

If you've opted-in to Rewards marketing, we'll send you a promo code with driving credit via email on your birthday! If you don't see it in your inbox, check your spam folder. You can redeem your promo code directly in the app:

Menu ▶ Payment ▶ Got a promo code? ▶ Redeem

Birthday vouchers are available to all SHARE NOW Rewards customers who joined before or on the day of their birthday. Promo codes can only be redeemed once.

Can I earn points while driving abroad?

No. You can only earn SHARE NOW Rewards points when starting and ending trips from your home country (the country in which you registered your account). If you registered in Berlin, for example, you can earn points in all German cities where SHARE NOW is present. If you travel to a city outside of your home country, such as Rome, you can still use SHARE NOW car-sharing but you will not earn SHARE NOW Rewards points for these trips.

If you have moved abroad and would like to change your home country to continue to earn SHARE NOW Rewards points, you can do so by contacting Customer Support.

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