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Create a free corporate account and start boosting your bottom-line today. Enjoy lower prices and a lower insurance deductible for all employees. Our rates beat traditional car rental by covering all of the following: City parking, insurance, maintenance, fueling and charging.

For every kilometre you drive in our electric vehicles, you take part in reducing CO2 emmissions. Our electric vehicles, which account for 2/3 of our fleet, are powered by electricity from 100% renewable sources.

Why wait for a taxi or worry about expense reports? Open the app and choose an electric vehicle for shorter trips in and around the city. If you need to go further, we offer a selection of petrol cars. And remember: Charging and fuel is included.

Simplify your accounting by receiving just one monthly invoice of all car-sharing trips made on your business account. Or simply manage invoices anytime on your dashboard. The choice is yours. Either way: your colleagues and the environment will thank you.

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You’ve never experienced business trips like this before – cost saving, convenient, fast! Whether you’re a freelancer, an employee, a travel manager or a business owner, with SHARE NOW for Business you’ll have the professional freedom to decide how it works for you the best. Choose from two options:

Create a free corporate account, add your colleagues and start enjoying 10% discount on minute rate trips, 5% discount on hourly and daily rates, a lower insurance deductible, and a complete overview of trips on the account. No obligations, no extra fees.

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Whether you're a freelancer or an employee at a firm, you can already start using SHARE NOW for Business. Simply add a Business Profile as a payment method in the app. Here's how you do.

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SHARE NOW car-sharing app (formerly DriveNow and car2go)

About SHARE NOW for Business

The world's pioneering car-sharing service

Global market leader
With over 3 million users and 14,000 free-floating vehicles, SHARE NOW is Europe’s leading car-sharing company. To date, we operate in 16 major cities across Europe.

Innovative pioneer
SHARE NOW is synonymous with the invention of free-floating carsharing, which has since revolutionised the mobility industry. To date, we have electric cars in over 75% of our cities.

Premium fleet
Besides the iconic smart fleet, we offer a range of high-end Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and MINI vehicles. So you can enter your meetings in comfort and style.


A future-ready business solution

Why your users will love SHARE NOW for Business

From boarding to boardroom – SHARE NOW for Business puts a corporate car right at your fingertips. Enjoy free parking at Europe's top airports and arrive in style by driving directly to meetings in the city. Want to play it safe? Pre-book a car and specify the airport as your pick-up location.

Experience green mobility firsthand through our electric fleet. Every shared electric car brings your company one step further in terms of corporate social responsibility. Less traffic, less carbon emissions, more innovation.

We're your first- and last-mile solution. With our hourly and daily rates, the employee can use the same car all day at a fixed, low price - no need to hail a taxi or navigate the subway.

Getting to work every day doesn't have to be a drag. With SHARE NOW for Business, you can drive a different premium car every day of the week, find it right on your street, and park it almost anywhere for free. Long business trip? You can choose rates from 1 to 10 days in the app and simply keep the car for the entire trip.

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Got questions? We value your time and are prepared to onboard your company with SHARE NOW for Business right away. Contact us to find out how your company can personally benefit from SHARE NOW for Business corporate car-sharing today. You're just one push of a button away.



Based on the price for 1-day package of the BMW i3.