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How we can improve the climate and life in the cities

SHARE NOW has produced a white paper that aims to present the contribution of car-sharing schemes to the green transition of the transport sector. It also highlights the potential of car-sharing to create better urban environments with less congestion and reduced CO2 emissions. The white paper compiles the existing knowledge on how car-sharing such as SHARE NOW contribute to the green transition, as well as the regulatory barriers that exist in the current municipal as well as national framework conditions for a continued penetration and growth of car-sharing schemes.

In the white paper, SHARE NOW presents four concrete solutions for how to politically secure legislation and framework conditions that promote the use and penetration of car-sharing schemes and thus contribute to strengthening the green transition. If the potential for green transition is to be utilised, better conditions for shared mobility need to be established. By better conditions we, among other things, mean:

The parking licenses must be identical for all types of car-sharing schemes so that everyone are operating under equal conditions.

There must be access to dedicated parking spaces for shared cars in order to make it easier for customers to find a parking space.

VAT exemption for car-sharing schemes must be implemented, just as they are for buses, trains and taxis,
which benefits customers with lower prices.

There must be equal access to public charging stations, so it will be easier to charge electric cars and the
charging infrastructure is utilised most optimally.

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