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Rent a SHARE NOW car for short trips and pay per minute

Easy and flexible

Rent a car and pay per minute

Whether you need a car for 1 minute or 20, by choosing the minute rate in the app you'll only pay for the time you actually drive. There is no minimum rental time at SHARE NOW, so you can take cost-effective short trips, even if you only need a car for just a few minutes. What's more: fuel, parking¹, and insurance² are on us!

Need a car for just a short time?
Choose minute rate for short trips under 1 hour.
from 4 kr./minute

Frequent minute rate driver?
Save up to 50% off the minute rate with the SHARE NOW Pass.
from 150 kr./month

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Standard registration fee is 90 kr. After that, you can drive as much or as little as you want with no obligation.

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Car trips from just 1 minute

How to use SHARE NOW for short trips

Traditional car rental can be a long and tedious process, especially when you only need a car for a short trip. With SHARE NOW, you can get behind the wheel for just a few minutes - perfect for hopping across town or nipping to work when the public transport is down. With our car-sharing app, you're in control of the rental time, no matter how short you need it to be!

When it comes to short trips around the city, finding a rental car quickly and easily can be the difference between making your appointment and not. With SHARE NOW, you can take the stress out of getting around and be on the road in no time at all. Our cars free-float all around our Home Area, so you are always just a few taps away from starting your trip.

Life doesn't always go to plan, we get that. City life can be hectic and plans change. However, when it comes to getting from A to B in your city, finding and renting a car spontaneously is one less thing you have to worry about. Our cars are available 24/7, all over the city, meaning you'll always have an urban transport solution whatever life throws your way.

We understand that when you're short on time, the last thing you need is a lengthy drop-off procedure. That's why you can park our cars anywhere¹ in the city and end your trip using just your smartphone. Dropping off your rental car after a short trip is as quick and easy as starting it, and takes less than a minute.


Choose a car for your next short trip

Small, medium, or large car?

Everyone deserves a sweet ride, also on short trips. Choose between 8 sweet car models, each with a unique set of properties, and make even the shortest car trip something special.

Fiat 500e ⚡️

3.75 kr. / minute

BMW i3 ⚡️

4 kr. / minute

Peugeot e-208 ⚡️

4 kr. / minute

BMW 1 Series

4.50 kr. / minute

MINI Electric ⚡

4 kr. / minute


5 kr. / minute

To start car-sharing

All you need is the app

The app is your key to car-sharing. Find, reserve, and unlock SHARE NOW cars in less than 2 seconds. It's a new way of car rental – no paperwork, no rental offices, no waiting lines. Try it now:

1. Download the SHARE NOW app
The app is free and your key to all our cars.

2. Upload your driver's license
We'll validate your license in the app.

3. Validated? Start driving!
We'll give you credit to start driving right away.



Parking is free on any legal public street parking inside the Copenhagen Home Area, where the car is allowed to stay parked for at least 2 hours at all times of the day and week. You are responsible for parking costs incurred in private parking garages. Additional parking rules apply.


All SHARE NOW cars are covered by third-party liability insurance and your deductible is always automatically reduced to a specific amount of 5.000 kr. in case of an accident. This agreement is waived, however, in cases of gross negligence. To learn more, please check out our terms and conditions.