SHARE NOW Copenhagen shuts down ultimo February 2024

SHARE NOW will shut down operations in Denmark on February 29, 2024. Leading up to the closure, you can still use our cars as you normally would. More information:

Share Now

All inclusive car-sharing in Copenhagen

SHARE NOW in Copenhagen

One app, thousands of cars

From Frederiksberg to Amager, Nørrebro or Vesterbro – you’ve never done car rental like this before. With car-sharing, there's no need to buy or lease a car. It's just like having your own car in Copenhagen. Just pick up any of our cars parked near your favourite café and drop it off for free anywhere in the Home Area. No opening hours, no fixed rental offices, no paperwork. How does it work?

We don't do rental stations! Our cars are available 24/7 and free-float all around the Home Area. Use the SHARE NOW app to find an available car near you. Reserve the car to make it yours — and start walking over!

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Once you're at the car, unlock it with a push of a button in the SHARE NOW app. Choose a minute, hourly, or daily rate that meets your needs — then start your trip! You can drive outside the Home Area and any fueling costs are on us.

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Simply end your trip anywhere in the Home Area — no annoying drop off procedures, no refueling required! Public street parking in the Home Area is for free¹ in most public parking spaces, so you don't even have to worry about that.

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Fuss-free pricing

It's all included

Fuel, charging, parking, maintenance, insurance – it's on us! Our rates are all-inclusive and flexible to your needs. Whether you need a car for 10 minutes or 10 days, simply choose the most cost-saving rate in the app before you go. Parking is free in the Home Area¹ and you don't have to refuel the car at the end of your trip.

Feeling spontaneous?
Choose this for quick drives around the city
from 1.50 kr. / minute²

Choose this for your day trips. All hourly rates include a fixed number of kilometres³
from 250 kr. / 2 hours

Escapade time?
Drive for days at a fixed, low rate. Daily rates each include a fixed number of kilometres³
from 495 kr. / 1 day

Perfect for the frequent car-sharer:
Subscribe now and save up to 50% on minute rate trips
from 150 kr. / month

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Exclusively for daily rates. Pre-book a car and we'll deliver it near you, when you want it.

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The Copenhagen fleet

What cars can I drive?

No matter your destination and plans, we've got the car that fits. Choose between hundreds of iconic cars free-floating in Copenhagen. Find your favourite car in the app or here:

Fiat 500e ⚡️

Perfect for life in the city.
3.75 kr. / minute²
280 kr. / 3 h³
495 kr. / 1 day³
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BMW i3 ⚡️

The future is here.
4 kr. / minute²
335 kr. / 3 h³
595 kr. / 1 day³
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Peugeot e-208 ⚡️

Extra attitude.
4 kr. / minute²
280 kr. / 3 h³
495 kr. / 1 day³
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BMW 1 Series

Comfort with class.
4.50 kr. / minute²
390 kr. / 3 h³
795 kr. / 1 day³
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MINI Electric ⚡

Redefined electric.
4 kr. / minute²
335 kr. / 3 h³
595 kr. / 1 day³
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Perfect for longer trips.
5 kr. / minute²
440 kr. / 3 h³
895 kr. / 1 day³
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Copenhagen Home Area

Where to park with SHARE NOW

All our available cars are parked within the Home Area and can be found via the app. Think of it as the home of our cars – it's where you start and end all trips. When you're ready to end a trip, you can park for free in all public parking spots¹ within the Home Area. Here are your options:

Within the Home Area, you park for free in public parking spots where the car is allowed to stay parked for at least 2 hours at all times. Public parking spaces are easy to spot: Look for a blue sign with white text. If you're driving an electric car you can also end your trip in spaces with the sign "Kun el-delebiler."

Usually, private parking spaces are off-limits for SHARE NOW cars – but to give you more options, we’ve made sure that you can park in a number of private parking spaces. Private parking areas are marked with a black sign with white text.

You can leave the Home Area for as long as you like – as long as you bring the car back to end your trip. To park and stopover, simply lock the car without ending your trip. Outside the Home Area, parking costs are on you.

Copenhagen Airport

We're also at Copenhagen International Airport (CPH). There are dedicated car-sharing parking spots at Terminal 3, P7 where you can find and drop off our cars. An airport fee will apply.

Phone mockup

To start car-sharing

All you need is the app

The app is your key to car-sharing. Find, reserve, and unlock SHARE NOW cars in less than 2 seconds. It's a new way of car rental – no paperwork, no rental offices, no waiting lines. Try it now:

1. Download the SHARE NOW app
The app is free and your key to all our cars.

2. Upload your driver's license
We'll validate your license in the app.

3. Validated? Start driving!
We'll give you credit to start driving right away.

Illustration Free-floating BMW

When you need a ride in Copenhagen...

I need to get from A to B the easy and convenient way.
I have an important meeting somewhere on Frederiksberg.
I feel like visiting Louisiana Museum this weekend.
I want to surprise my date.
I bought too many groceries...
I feel like shopping at IKEA.
I'd like to try an electric car today.
I want to enjoy the day at Amager Strandpark.
I missed my S-train again.
I haven't seen my in-laws in a while.
I love Copenhagen but I really need a holiday.
I have a flight to catch or need a car when I land at Copenhagen International Airport (CPH).

...SHARE NOW is there for you.


Looking for more information? We cover your most frequently asked questions in the FAQ.



Parking is free on any legal public street parking inside the Copenhagen Home Area, where the car is allowed to stay parked for at least 2 hours at all times of the day and week. You are responsible for parking costs incurred in private parking garages. Additional parking rules apply.


Minute rate trips include 10,000 km.


Hourly and daily rates include a fixed number of kilometres. If the included time and/or mileage is exceeded, the overtime minute rate and/or long distance rate will apply. To see the additional fees, simply tap on a rate in the app. Detailed information on the overtime minute rate will be displayed at the bottom of the screen.