Frequently asked questions



Where can I end my trip?

You park for free and end your trip in public parking spaces where the car is allowed to remain parked for a minimum of 2 hours with no restrictions during certain hours. Public parking spaces are shown as a blue sign with white text. Please make sure to pay attention to local signage.

You can park almost anywhere within the Home Area, which covers e.g. Copenhagen, Rødovre, Frederiksberg, Lyngby, hospitals in the Capital Region on Sjælland, Copenhagen Airport, and a number of companies in the Copenhagen metropolitan area.

What is a Home Area? Can I drive outside of it?

Think of the Home Area as our operating area, in which our cars free-float around the city and where you can park on the streets for free. You can drive outside the Home Area, but you must drive back to the same Home Area to end the trip.

Learn everything about the Copenhagen Home Area here.

How do I lock the car without ending my trip?

Doing a stopover with SHARE NOW is easy. First, park the car and shut all windows. The next steps depends on the car:

Keyless cars (BMW, MINI):
- In the app, tap Stopover. This will lock the doors.
- To unlock the doors, tap Unlock car. Reactive the car engine in the app to continue driving.
- Want to end your trip? Park the car and shut all doors and windows. In the app, slide to end your trip.

Cars with keys:
- Take the car key from the glove compartment to lock up the car. Make sure to take the car key with you.
- To unlock the doors, use the car key. Reactive the car engine in the app to continue driving.
- Want to end your trip? Place the car key back into the key card holder. Make sure doors and windows are closed. In the app, slide to end your trip.

Important: Stopover time counts as part of your total trip duration. If you have selected an hourly or daily rate, stopover time will continue to use up the time you have booked. If you have selected the minute rate, stopover time will be billed according to the minute rate.

Where can I park?

We collaborate with local governments so you can park SHARE NOW cars for free on any legal public street parking space within the Home Area. However, each city has specific parking regulations that you should be aware of.

Here are the parking rules in each city:

Vienna Parking Rules

Copenhagen Parking Rules

Paris Parking Rules

Berlin Parking Rules
Cologne Parking Rules
Dusseldorf Parking Rules
Frankfurt Parking Rules
Hamburg Parking Rules
Munich Parking Rules
Stuttgart Parking Rules

Parking in Budapest

Milan Parking Rules
Rome Parking Rules
Turin Parking Rules

Amsterdam Parking Rules

Madrid Parking Rules

How can I see the Home Area in my city?

Simply open the SHARE NOW app to see the Home Area outlined on the map screen. Below you'll also find all the Home Area maps in SHARE NOW cities:

Vienna Home Area

Copenhagen Home Area

Paris Home Area

Berlin Home Area
Cologne Home Area
Dusseldorf Home Area
Frankfurt Home Area
Hamburg Home Area
Munich Home Area
Stuttgart Home Area

Budapest Home Area

Milan Home Area
Rome Home Area
Turin Home Area

Amsterdam Home Area

Madrid Home Area

What is a drop off zone?

Drop off zones are part of the Home Area and are typically located outside the city or in areas with lower activity or special parking conditions. To see drop off zones in the app, active the view in app setting or on the map. After that, our drop off zones are shown as dimmed areas on the map.

A fee of 25,00 kr. will be applied when you end your trip in a drop off zone.

Can I park SHARE NOW cars in private parking garages, e.g. at a shopping mall?

Yes, you're welcome to park in a private garage during your trip. Please be aware of the following:

  1. In this situation, you must pay for parking yourself
  2. You are not allowed to end your trip there
Can I use SHARE NOW at the airport?

Yes! SHARE NOW is available at the airport in most of our cities. If you want to use SHARE NOW in a different European country, you simply have to accept the terms and conditions the first time you drive there.

If you're driving to the airport: Look out for car-sharing airport parking where you can park our cars and end your trip.

If you've just landed: Reserve a SHARE NOW car in the app the moment you land and pick it up at the car-sharing parking area.

At Copenhagen Airport, the dedicated parking spots are in P7 Direct, just next to Terminal 3.

At which airports can I use SHARE NOW?
Can I drive to another city?

Yes. You can drive outside of the Copenhagen Home Area to other cities, but you must drive the car back to the Home Area to end your trip.

You may not leave the country with SHARE NOW cars – with the exception of Sweden (for Danish users).

Can I park my car at charging stations?

You can park the car at most charging stations if the car is charging, but you can't always end your trip there.

You can park at any of our charging partners, but you can only end your trip inside the Home Area. At some charging stations, e.g. Lüders parking garage in Nordhavn, it is only allowed to park if the car is charging at the same time. At other stations, e.g. P-hus Ejler Bille in Ørestad, you're only allowed to park the car at selected spots. Always make sure to follow local signage when you park.

We encourage you to charge the car when parking at a charging station, even if it's not mandatory. This way, the charging network can be utilised most efficiently.

In Vienna, it is not allowed to end your trip at the SMATRICS charging stations. We recommend only parking at these stations during a stopover (it is allowed to use these charging stations only while a car is charging). See parking rules in Vienna

In Paris, it is only allowed to end your trip at the Belib' charging poles if the car is actively charging. See parking rules in Paris

Yes. It is allowed to park and end your trip at all our partner charging stations if a car is correctly plugged in and charging. See parking rules for Germany.

Yes. It is allowed to park and end your trip at all our BeCharge and Enel X partner charging stations in Milan if a car is correctly plugged in and charging. See parking rules in Milan

Yes. It is allowed to park and end your trip at the Vattenfall (formerly Nuon) charging stations if a car is correctly plugged in and charging. See parking rules in the Netherlands.

In Madrid, it is only allowed to end your trip at the charging hubs if the car is actively charging. See parking rules in Madrid

Hint: To earn credit, please make sure to end your trip after the car has started charging!