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Reservation & Rental

How do I rent keyless cars?

Our BMW & MINI cars are keyless, which means you don't need a car key to lock/unlock the doors during stopovers. Use the Start/Stop button inside the car to start the engine.

Here's how it works:

  1. Find a car in the app and reserve it.
  2. When you're close to the car, tap 'Start' in the app.
  3. Select your rate and use Face ID or your PIN to start your trip.
  4. To start the engine, press Start/Stop in the car.
  5. Arrived at your destination? End your trip in the app.
How do I rent cars with car keys?

In Denmark, the process is the same as with keyless cars.

  1. Locate and reserve a car using the app.
  2. When you're at the car, tap Start and use Face ID or PIN to start your trip.
  3. Get in, start the car and set off.
  4. Need a break during your trip? Lock the car via the app.
  5. When you're ready to go again, unlock the car via the app. You might need to reactive the engine in the app as well.
  6. Arrived at your destination? End the trip via the app.

Applies to Denmark: Peugeot, Fiat, and Mercedes-Benz cars have keys in the glove compartment. You'll only need to use the car key if the Bluetooth connection between your device and the car fails.

Where can I end my trip?

You park for free and end your trip in public parking spaces where the car is allowed to remain parked for a minimum of 2 hours with no restrictions during certain hours. Public parking spaces are shown as a blue sign with white text. Please make sure to pay attention to local signage.

You can park almost anywhere within the Home Area, which covers e.g. Copenhagen, Rødovre, Frederiksberg, Lyngby, hospitals in the Capital Region on Sjælland, Copenhagen Airport, and a number of companies in the Copenhagen metropolitan area.

What should I do if the engine doesn’t start?

Don't worry. In most cases, there’s nothing wrong with the car. As a safety measure, we remotely lock the engine so that the car can’t be driven off while you’re away. When you’re ready to drive again, simply reactivate the engine via the app.

What should I do if I find something in a SHARE NOW car?

This is your chance to do another car-sharer a good deed! If you've found an item (e.g. wallet, handbag, phone, etc.) belonging to someone else in one of our cars, place the item in the glove compartment (or trunk of the car), end your trip. and contact us directly. We'll handle the rest.

Can I reserve a car in advance?

Yes. You can find and reserve a car for 30 minutes for free. If you need more time, you can extend your reservation time in the app for a small fee.

Repeat reservation
If you cancel and then reserve the same car again within 2 hours, a repeat reservation fee will apply. You can only reserve 1 car at a time.

When you reserve a car, it can't be reserved by anyone else. If you change your mind about needing a car, do cancel your reservation. You'll win karma points!

How do I report damages on a car?

You can report damages on a car directly in the SHARE NOW app before your trip. There should be a history of all reported damages for each car.

If the damages are serious, please contact us to let us know.

What damages should I report?

Let us know about new, unreported damages. To see the list of reported damages, select a car, swipe up, and scroll to Damage reporting.

You can ignore dents or scratches smaller than 2 cm, but you're obliged to report damages to the body, paint, and interior. This step is important, as you may be held liable for other customers' damages if you do not report them before you start your trip.

If you're in doubt, please contact us via the app. We're ready to help 24/7.

Can I drive to another city?

Yes. You can drive outside of the Copenhagen Home Area to other cities, but you must drive the car back to the Home Area to end your trip.

You may not leave the country with SHARE NOW cars – with the exception of Sweden (for Danish users).

Can I use SHARE NOW at the airport?

Yes! SHARE NOW is available at the airport in most of our cities. If you want to use SHARE NOW in a different European country, you simply have to accept the terms and conditions the first time you drive there.

If you're driving to the airport: Look out for car-sharing airport parking where you can park our cars and end your trip.

If you've just landed: Reserve a SHARE NOW car in the app the moment you land and pick it up at the car-sharing parking area.

At Copenhagen Airport, the dedicated parking spots are in P7 Direct, just next to Terminal 3.

At which airports can I use SHARE NOW?
Can I travel with SHARE NOW cars to another country?

Danish customers in Denmark may roam to Sweden exclusively. If you drive to other countries, you'll be charged a service fee. Please note, that you cannot charge our electric cars in Sweden.

In select countries where pre-booking is available, you can travel abroad by adding the Cross Borders option to your trip (does not apply for Denmark). Pre-booking is available for trips from 1 to 30 days and can also be found in the app under Plan.

Please note: The Cross Borders option doesn't include highway tolls or vignette stickers, and you can only end the trip back in your Home Area. Safe travels!

From: You can roam to: Pre-booking needed?
🇦🇹 Austria Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein ✔️
🇩🇰 Denmark Sweden
Please note: You cannot charge our cars in Sweden
🇮🇹 Italy Switzerland, Austria, Germany, France, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein ✔️
🇩🇪 Germany Switzerland, Austria, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein ✔️
🇳🇱 Netherlands Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein ✔️
🇫🇷 France
🇭🇺 Hungary
🇪🇸 Spain

Unfortunately, international travels are not allowed for SHARE NOW cars in France, Hungary, or Spain. Leaving the country will result in a fine. You may leave the Home Area temporarily to visit other cities within the country as long as you start and end your trip in the same Home Area.

Can I use SHARE NOW to roam in different countries?

Yes. You can use your SHARE NOW account to drive in all our European SHARE NOW cities. Simply accept the terms and conditions of the country in the app before your first drive there.

Why do I get an error message saying my phone does not meet the minimum security requirements to rent BMW and MINI cars?

BMW and MINI cars come with a proprietary system that automatically screens any device that tries to connect with them. There are a number of possible reasons why your phone is being rejected:

  • If there are 2 separate SHARE NOW applications running on your phone (i.e. app cloning)
  • If Xposed Framework is installed on your phone
  • If the system suspects your phone has been rooted or jailbroken
  • If the system detects that Magisk is installed
  • If your phone fails the Google SafetyNet test

In case you're one of those full-time pros, these reasons may apply:

  • If the system detects that you're using an emulator (i.e. a virtual phone run on a computer)
  • If the SHARE NOW app is being debugged (i.e. if the phone has been connected to a computer to see what code is running in the app)
  • If the SHARE NOW app has been tampered with (i.e. if someone has tried to take apart the app to change something)

We understand this isn't great news, but you can still rent any of our other Mercedes-Benz, smart, and Fiat models.

Can I park the car in an underground garage with no internet connection?

Sure. Ultimately, you only need a working internet connection to start and end your trip. Stopovers are no problem at all. To lock/unlock the car during a trip with no internet connection, simply stand near the car and use the SHARE NOW app.

Can I book a car in advance?

Yes, you can!

With pre-booking, you decide exactly where and when you want your car. We'll bring your pre-booked car to within a 10 minute walking distance (approx. 600m) of your requested pick-up address — within the Home Area, of course! The car will be reserved for you in the app 1 hour before and 1 hour after your selected start time.

You can pre-book a car up to 90 days before you need it. Pre-booking is exclusively available for car category XS, S, and M long term rentals from 1 day and up.

Please note: Pre-booking may be sold out at any time.

Do I need to refuel or charge SHARE NOW cars after each trip?

No. We don't expect you to refuel or charge our cars when you're done. However, if you do, the cost is covered by us if and we might even give you SHARE NOW credit as a thank you! You can refuel and charge at partner stations free of charge.

What should I do if I've had an accident?

Oh no! We hope everything is alright. Dial 112 immediately and wait until the accident has been processed by the police. Also, call Customer Support to inform us about the accident. Our hotline number can be found in the app.